10 Of The Best New Restaurants In Beirut You Should Bookmark [Up To June 2018]

I am often asked to post listicles on my blog, and with all these new restaurants opening in Beirut, we all need some guidance picking where to go for an awesome gastronomic experience.

The list is in no particular order since the eateries don’t fit into the same category so you can’t really compare a coffee shop or a shop dedicated to ice cream to an Italian restaurant, for instance.

This listicle covers my top 10 best new restaurants in Beirut in the past year that you should check out; and there’s something for everyone here!

By the way, in case you think I missed something, I didn’t. I did specify that these are my “top” (as in “favourite”) best new restaurants in Beirut 😉

Read on and start bookmarking the top 10 best new restaurants in Beirut!

1. Em Ali

YAAAS! Souk el Tayeb favourite, Em Ali, has opened up her own shop in Gemmayzeh! Now you don’t have to wait until Saturday to try her delicious saj manakich; just pop by for a mouthwatering fresh hot saj for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

What to order: Rocca Cheese / Labne & Kamouneh

Price Range: ~10,000 LBP per person

Em Ali Gemmayze Lebanon Saj Lebanese

2. Swiss Butter

Swiss Butter has definitely taken Beirut by storm! The casual steakhouse opened its doors in Gemmayzeh summer 2017 and has been packed ever since! At Swiss Butter, you can order three meals: Steak Frites, Chicken Frites and Salmon Frites, with their very secret butter-based sauce. On occasion, they release their special edition burger which is a must try. The best part? Each meal is priced at only 22,000 LBP! 

What to order: Steak Frites with a red wine carafe for two / Burger (seasonal)

Price Range: 30,000 LBP per person

swiss butter gemmayzeh steak frites beirut

3. Don Eatery

We have a new Asian eatery in town and it goes by the name “Don”. Expect delicious ramen, donburi bowls, poke bowls, and other Asian-inspired dishes. Don Eatery was established by the entrepreneur, Mario Haddad Jr., who by the way is the same genius behind Mario e Mario, Le Sushi Bar, and other restaurants in Lebanon. Welcome to Lebanon, Don.

What to order: Golden Curry Salmon Bowl / Marinated Salmon Poke / Chili Mango Salad

Price Range: ~35,000 LBP per person

See my full review of DON Eatery.

Don Eatery Ashrafieh Lebanon Asian Cuisine

4. Meats and Bread

Yes, I do realize Meats and Bread opened a while ago. If I’m not mistaken, the BBQ smokehouse opened in late summer 2017. I’ve raved about Meats and Bread then and I intend on raving about it for a while so pay them a visit so we can have something to discuss.

What to order: Chicken Wings! / Brisket Sandwich / Grilled Nappa Salad / Homemade Fries

Price Range: ~35,000 LBP per person

See my full review of Meats and Bread.

Meats and Bread Gemmayze Beirut Burger

5. Ritage by Maroun Chedid

Celebrity chef Maroun Chedid opened his restaurant Ritage in late December 2017, featuring a menu inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. From Italian classics to unique twists, go on a culinary journey in the beautiful garden wonderland and discover the experience.

What to order: Ravioli with Black Truffles / Dorade Royale / Oriental Red Velvet Halawa & Pistachio Cheese Cake

Price Range: ~ 60,000 LBP per person (without drinks)

See my full review of Ritage by Maroun Chedid.

6. Das Kuche

Das Kuche is a collaboration between The Sausage House and The Potato Bar, renowned for their sausages and potatoes (if it wasn’t obvious) at Souk el Akel, Lebanon’s popular mobile street food market. The sausages are imported from all over the world and definitely worth a try. The Bratwurstel “traditional German sausage” was my favourite!

What to order: Bratwurstel / Filet de Boeuf Potato / Draft Beer

Price Range: ~35,000 LBP per person

7. Cold Stone Creamery

The beloved American ice cream parlour chain has landed in downtown Beirut and we’re all happy about it. Who doesn’t love birthday cake ice cream mixed with Oreo ice cream mixed with more crushed Oreos in a giant waffle cone? You don’t? You’re weird. Seriously though, try the birthday cake ice cream. Moreover, Cold Stone Creamery is probably the only ice cream spot in LEBANON to serve coconut ice cream by the scoop that’s NOT sorbet. Yes, proper creamy coconut ice cream with actual dried coconut pieces. You’re welcome!

What to order: Birthday Cake Ice Cream + Oreo Ice Cream with Oreos & Almonds in a Waffle Cone / Coconut Ice Cream with Almonds

Price Range: ~15,000 LBP per person

8. L’Os en Ville [restaurant closed]

L’Os en Ville opened its doors in Mar Mikhael and we’re loving the French-Lebanese mix of cuisines offered! Some of you may know the renowned L’Os Restaurant in Mansourieh / Beit Meri; think of L’Os en Ville as its younger version. This bistro doesn’t disappoint.

What to order: Baguette a l’ail / Baguette Carlos / Baguette Halaweh (I’m all about French baguette as you can probably tell) / Marinated Frog Legs / Everything…

Price Range: ~45,000 LBP per person

See my full review of L’Os en Ville.

L'os en ville gemmayze beirut (1)

9. Cuisine Em Georges

The newest restaurant in Beirut to hit the market has such a cozy vibe. The restaurant serves traditional Lebanese cuisine with changing daily platters “plat du jour” as well as a-la-carte Lebanese dishes which are always available to order. More than once have I had the Riz 3a Djeij platter delivered from Em Georges, and it’s always superb! Cuisine Em Georges in Gemmayzeh is definitely worth a try!

What to order: Riz 3a Djeij / Signature Hummus / Lazy Cake

Price Range: ~25,000 LBP per person

Em Georges Cuisine BitFood Delivery Box

Of course, I can’t exclude coffee from my new restaurants in Beirut list – I mean, how else is Lebanese society functioning?

10. Sip Beirut

Gemmayzeh is booming again what with the new restaurants and eateries opening slowly retracting from the popular Mar Mikhael. Sip Beirut is a cute new coffee shop with indoor and outdoor seating. Coffee enthusiasts would appreciate this modern café serving freshly brewed coffee (I really recommend the drip coffee) and bites. You must try their scrumptious cakes offered daily.

What to order: Coffee (obviously) / Apple crumble cake or carrot cake / Halloumi Bagel with sundried tomatoes and avocado / “What My Ex Eats” Granola Bowl

Price Range: ~20,000 LBP per person

See my full review of Sip Beirut.

sip beirut sobeirut coffee cafe lebanon

And that concludes my best new restaurants in Beirut list up to June 2018! Looking forward to discovering more in the coming months 😉

New restaurants in Beirut Lebanon lebanoneats


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