L’Os en Ville: The trendy Lebanese Bistro of Gemmayzeh

L’Os en Ville is the French bistro version of one of my favorite restaurants in Mansourieh, L’Os. The restaurant’s baby is all grown up now and has moved to the city!

This French-style Lebanese restaurant features traditional stone interior walls, simple décor, high ceilings, comfortable seating, great service, hospitable staff, and not to mention, delicious food!

The menu at L’Os en Ville boasts traditional Lebanese food and a few French specialties.

Los en ville exterior gemmayzeh bistro

Los en ville Interior gemmayzeh bistro

Los en ville gemmayzeh menu lebanese

L'os en ville gemmayzeh beirut lebanese

Let’s have lunch at L’Os en Ville

We started with Fattoush (8,000 LBP), Tabbouleh (8,000 LBP), and Hummus (7,000 LBP) from the cold mezza.

I’m Team Fattoush. I love the crunchy fried bread strips atop the Fattoush that I could get a taste of in every bite!

Los en ville mezza lebanese Fattoush

Los en ville mezza lebanese Tabbouleh

The Hummus is creamy with a light tahini after-note. It’s served with Lebanese bread. I would love L’Os en Ville to start serving fresh fluffy Lebanese bread as another option!

Los hummus mezza lebanese cuisine food

Moving on to the hot stuff…

Batata Harra (8,000 LBP) is definitely recommended at L’Os en Ville! Enough said.

Los batata harra mezza lebanese cuisine

The Baguette Toum aka “Baguette à l’ail” is probably the best baguette you’ll ever have! We had the original (11,000 LBP), the coriander (11,500 LBP), and the “Carlos” (15,000 LBP), which is basically baguette filled with grilled chicken, garlic paste, Lebanese pickles, tomato, and lettuce. That was a very very good sandwich. I would order this all for myself. The Baguette Toum with coriander at L’Os en Ville is a masterpiece. You can’t visit or reside in Lebanon without having tried it. Yes, it’s that good. The simple creamy garlic paste paired with coriander in a warm freshly baked baguette is an experience in itself.

L'os en ville baguette toum

L;os en ville baguette toum

L'os en ville baguette toum

My least favourite mezza items were the over-salty Grilled Halloumi (11,000 LBP) and the not-so-salty Grilled Rakakat (8,000 LBP). The former could be soaked in water longer to remove the excess salt from the halloumi cheese, and the latter could use some salt.

Los mezza lebanese cuisine lebanon blog

Escargots à la Bourguignonne (6pc @ 12,000 LBP) are a favourite of mine.

los en ville snails escargot french

Grenouilles à la Provençale (20,000 LBP): These marinated frog legs with coriander sauce are a MUST at L’Os en Ville. Forget the frog legs you’ve tried at other restaurants (and the fact that you’re about to eat frog legs). They taste like chicken. Trust me.

L'os french Frog legs grenouilles

Mixed Mashewe aren’t to be missed here! The marinated chicken and meat brochettes are juicy and perfectly grilled.

Los en ville mezza lebanese cuisine

Lebanese traditional dessert with a welcomed twist

For dessert, don’t skip the Baguette Halaweh with Nutella (13,000 LBP), yes I know that sounds heavy. It is. But it’s melt-in-your-mouth good, if not great. The Karabeej with thick cream mousse (9,000 LBP) is also a must try!

L'Os en Ville Dessert Halewe Karabij

You can always go for the simple Biscuits and Raha (Turkish delights) with a cup of coffee to attempt to digest your Lebanese feast that your stomach will hate you for later, yet we repeat the process again and again every week :’)

Final Verdict?

We truly enjoyed our lunch at L’Os en Ville and I kick myself for not coming sooner! The service was excellent and the food was absolutely delicious! The Baguette stuffed with Halaweh and Nutella left a lasting impression; I can seriously still taste it. Thank you Chef for introducing me to this sinful treat.

Delivery is available, so if I were you in Beirut, I would call them immediately. For the love of food, order the baguette toum!


L’Os en Ville Gemmayzeh

Address: Gouraud Street, Gemmayze, Beirut District

Contact: +961-1-560801


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