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So let’s pretend we’ve met at a coffee shop and you asked me to tell you about myself, what I do and why I do what I do.

Well, hi! My name is Christina. Blogger, foodie, fitness enthusiast and culinary traveler with a passion (and a big appetite) for all things food.

I travel. I photograph. I eat. I write.

I created Traveling with Thyme to capture, document and share my passion with the world, from traveling to discovering new restaurants, experiences, products and more.

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What am I passionate about?

In no specific order,

Food. I love to visit restaurants, discover new foods and products, bake, cook and re-create recipes. And, I like to photograph food (I think I like food more than people).

Travel. I want to explore the world, one city at a time, starting with my own. My blog will serve as a space to document and share these adventures with my readers.

Health & Fitness. I like to motivate and inspire people to eat healthy and stay fit without having to sacrifice what they love. This is why I will share clean eating recipes, health and fitness advice, food finds (and more importantly where to find them) and more!

Why Traveling with Thyme?

Born in England, raised in Beirut, Lebanon, I have a strong connection to my Lebanese roots. Family is the most important thing in the world to me. I wanted to personalize my blog so that it reflects my passion for food (whether cooking or restaurant hopping), my healthy lifestyle and ultimately, my roots. That’s how I (with the help of Mom and Sib; love you!) came up with the name “Traveling with Thyme”.

“Thyme” from “man’ouché zaatar” (مناقيش زعتر), the infamous Lebanese Breakfast Pizza, which happens to be one of my favourite breakfasts – it’s one of the many things I associate with Lebanon and it’s related to food (bonus!).

When I travel, whether within the country’s borders or abroad, I travel with thyme.

Lebanon Eats Healthy FOODIE Lebanese Foodie

Writing motivates me to look more closely at the details in life. Traveling with Thyme is an excuse to finally do things I didn’t imagine myself doing before and to explore places I’ve never been (or re-explore those I love or took for granted).


Brunch, coffee shops, sunflowers and daisies, traveling to new places, the beach, pastel, beauty products I can’t afford, face masks, Game of Thrones, food delivery, chocolate, fluffy hotel covers (why is it that even if you bought the same ones, it’s never really the same?), foot massages, spending hours in the supermarket and puppies [FYI I call grown-up dogs puppies too] – in particular French bulldogs (I screech with joy when I see one).

If you made it this far, you’re awesome and I hope you stick around!

Lebanese lebanon Eats blogger Christina Naim

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