Introducing the BitFood Online Delivery App in Lebanon [+ Free Vouchers!]

Lebanon has a new online delivery app and it goes by the name “BitFood”.

Ordering food doesn’t have to be a hassle. It’s terribly annoying when you hungrily call a restaurant to order a meal and the number is busy, or worse, you’re put on hold – Gasp! What about when you don’t have any cash on hand and the restaurant you’re ordering from doesn’t have a card reader?

Is it really necessary to interact with another human when all you want is a cheeseburger and diet soda with a side of “do not disturb”? Thankfully, the new era of scattered online food deliveries in Lebanon, specifically BitFood, has got your back 😉 Just a few taps on the phone and voila: cheeseburger, diet soda, and silence.

I was approached by BitFood to try their online delivery app so here’s my detailed personal experience with the newest delivery app to enter the Lebanese market!

Let’s order with BitFood!

The obvious first step is to download BitFood via Apple Store or Google Play and then simply register via email or mobile number.

BitFood Delivery App Registration Review

Set your delivery address using your smartphone’s location services – that’s it, no fluff.

Now you can browse through the restaurants that deliver to your area without getting off the couch. Although you’re going to have to get up to answer the door – butler services aren’t included, unfortunately.

room service GIF

There’s also the option of picking up your order, but who wants to get out of the house in this weather? Moreover, aren’t you ordering food online so you DON’T have to physically go to out? Silly you, get with the program!

Filter restaurants by rating, cuisine and/or food category.

Bitfood Delivery App Lebanon Restaurants Nearby

Once you choose a restaurant, select your desired items and add any special requests.

I chose to order from Em Georges Cuisine from my Favourites section, since I was seeking out a warm and comforting homemade Lebanese dish in this cold weather. (By the way, it was perfect!)

Bitfood Favorites Saved Hearted Delivery App

BitFood Delivery Em Georges Cuisine Lebanon

Once you’re ready, hit the shopping cart button, confirm your address, and pay.

BitFood Delivery App Address Lebanon Beirut

You’ll receive four messages (hopefully in the following order) when your order is:

  1. Received by Bitfood
  2. Being prepared
  3. Dispatched
  4. In your loving arms

You can even track your order once it’s dispatched up to delivery.

Online Delivery App in lebanon BitFood

Online Delivery App in lebanon BitFood

So let’s see if it arrives warm.

Yup, oh-so-warm and cozy.

i love food gif

Thank you Em Georges Cuisine for satisfying my tummy – oh, and thank you BitFood for helping my Riz 3a Djeij get here so smoothly and effortlessly.

Em Georges Cuisine BitFood Delivery Box

BitFood also has other cool features:

As I explored the menus, I “favourited” eateries and, even more specifically, items I liked or wanted to try. This feature is definitely a plus!

You can leave a restaurant a rating and personalized review, reorder your last order, get the latest promotions and offers from restaurants, and use the “Dislike” feature to record food items or garnishes you don’t like (and never see them in your future orders).

Online Delivery App in lebanon BitFood

So what’s my final verdict?

Other than you feeling lonely and not speaking directly to another human being, here are the cons I experienced with BitFood:

The Cons

  • Not all restaurants are available to order from (but they’re getting there!)
  • Glitches when ordering on the website (so use the mobile app for a smoother ordering process)
  • Older generations who aren’t comfortable using the internet will simply pick up the phone and call instead / Some don’t even have smart phones, so they won’t really benefit from the app and its special offers
  • If you live in the jabbal (i.e. mountains), I’m sorry you need to come to Beirut.

The Pros

  • You can register with your phone number as opposed to just your email address
  • You can place your order while you’re in class or in a meeting – Shhh… we won’t tell anyone! 😉
  • You can save time by ordering from your favourites list or reorder your last order
  • Shows you restaurants that deliver to your location (no more hopelessly calling restaurants asking if they deliver to your area – and then proceeding to beg them to)
  • User-friendly, convenient and effortless service
  • Online live chat available
  • While on BitFood, I discovered new restaurants that I don’t usually order from and favourited them. I would suggest BitFood add a “bookmark” feature to save the “favourite” feature for restaurants I have actually tried and like to order from again




I’m hosting a giveaway competition on @LebanonEats – I will choose 2 winners who will win $$$ credits to spend on BitFood! Just follow the easy steps on Instagram here to WIN 🙂

***** Competition Closed *****

Download BitFood App:

iOS users: Link to download BitFood app through iTunes

Android users: Link to download BitFood app through Google Play

Follow BitFood on Facebook and Instagram.

Have you tried the new BitFood Online Delivery app? What are your thoughts?

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