Meats and Bread: The first live BBQ smokehouse restaurant in Lebanon!

Meats and Bread. The name alone pulls you in! And it’s not deli meats we’re talking about here. We’re talking authentic Black Angus beef, tasty ribs, tender brisket, finger-licking-good wings, juicy dry roasted whole chickens, and more!

Meats and Bread is officially the FIRST live smokehouse in Lebanon and the second in the entire Middle East!

Meats and Bread Gemmayze Beirut bbq

Meats and Bread Smokehouse Restaurant Beirut

Meats and Bread Gemmayze Beirut Sign

Meats and Bread Gemmayze Beirut Antique

The new live BBQ smokehouse in Gemmayze is currently missing a storefront sign, but they’re working on it. So this is a photo of Meats and Bread exterior for you not to miss it:

Meats and Bread Gemmayze Beirut Exterior

Meats and Bread smokehouse is on Gemmayzeh Main Street, near French bistro Couqley in The Alleyway. You can refer to the map attached at the end of the article! Alternatively, you can follow your nose.

Meats and Bread Gemmayze Beirut Ribs

What we ordered at Meats and Bread BBQ Smokehouse

Beer. Meats and Bread serves the local Colonel Beer (based in Batroun). I don’t usually drink beer, let alone alcohol. However, I really enjoyed it and I was surprised that by the end of our dinner I had finished the cup. I have to say I’m pretty pleased with myself!

Beirut Colonel Beer Lebanon Local Batroun

We started with a “Boring Salad” as Meats and Bread states on the menu. The Grilled Nappa Salad is anything but boring. The Nappa cabbage is grilled and served with hazelnut romesco and a bunch of flavourful greens on the side. It’s a salad I would definitely order again.

Meats and Bread Grilled Nappa Salad

Chicken Wings were next. I’m not a fan of wings, but Meats and Bread restored my lost faith. I will only eat wings here now. And you should too.

Meats and Bread Chicken Wings Beirut

The chicken wings have some actual meat on their bones!

Meats and Bread makes their own BBQ sauce from scratch and it is SO FREAKING GOOD. The spices are on point. It really doesn’t get any better than this people.

Meats and Bread BBQ Beirut

Meats and Bread Beirut Wings BBQ

Meats and Bread Chicken Wings Beirut

The Sexy Hen joined us for dinner.

Meats and Bread flavours a whole chicken with zaatar (thyme) and lathers it in lots and lots of butter before dry roasting. This sandwich is difficult to hold since it’s basically overflowing with tasty ingredients – of which are apple and fennel coleslaw and mango slices. What makes this flavoursome experience even more awesome is that the bread is so soft and pillowy.

Meats and Bread Restaurant Chicken Sandwich

The Brisket was hands down my FAVOURITE of the evening.

The Brisket Sandwich at Meats and Bread is served in a homemade pretzel bun stuffed with a very generous serving of pulled pork which is cooked low and slow for 20 hours, and paired with sauerkraut and their homemade BBQ sauce. Juicy doesn’t even begin to describe this heavenly sandwich. Your hands WILL get dirty. Go with it.

Meats and Bread Lebanese Blogger Blog

Meats and Bread Gemmayze Beirut Brisket

The WTF Burger is just that. WTF. The 200g of Black Angus beef is cooked medium, topped with manchego truffado cheese, British cheddar cheese, and fried onion bits, and then slathered with horseradish mayo before it’s served in a soft sesame crusted bun.

Meats and Bread WTF Burger Beirut

You guys should know that the genius behind this unshakable hot spot is the same genius that created Ferdinand’s out-of-this-world burgers in Hamra. You haven’t tried Ferdinand’s burger? Blasphemy! The famous Ferdinand burger landed on the Meats and Bread menu, so now you can try it there if you haven’t yet. Seriously, shame on you.

Meats and Bread Ferdinand Burger Beirut
If your chef’s happy, you know the food is good 😉

All sandwiches and burgers come with a side of golden fries seasoned with a mix of spices that will keep you reaching out for them throughout your entire meal.

Until you reach out and panic when there’s nothing left!

Meats and Bread Gemmayze Beirut Cheatmeal
Our plates pre-burger massacre.

Also worth ordering are their homemade chips with one of their sandwiches, if you have the heart to forgo fries. Just order an extra serving on the side; you’ll want to have both.

Final Verdict?

If you’re looking for your new favourite restaurant for delicious bbq meats (and bread), then this is it.

Meats and Bread offers a super chill atmosphere with a big focus on community, lighting fast service (relative to table occupancy of course), finger-licking-good food, positivity, smiles, and virtual hugs. Okay, I don’t promise hugs. You can try giving your waiter an actual hug (and you probably will want to after eating all that deliciousness), but I’m not sure how he would take to that.

Also worth noting is that the prices are very affordable in relation to the sky-rocketed prices in Beirut, not to mention the quality of meat you’re getting.

I will come back when I’m craving wings, brisket, burgers, and fries. Oh, and beer. I’ve found my new go-to cheat meal in Beirut. I’ll order a salad too, because they’re good, but also because I’ll feel less guilty.

Meats and Bread Gemmayze Beirut Burgers

Meats and Bread Gemmayze Beirut Blogger

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Meats and Bread Gemmayze Beirut

Address: Gouraud Street, Near Red Cross, Gemmayze, Beirut District

Contact: +961-1-449060 / +961-71-959898


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