Steak Bar Sushi raises the bar for Lebanon’s culinary scene!

Great news for sushi and steak lovers, you don’t have to drive all the way to Beirut for a unique culinary experience! Steak Bar Sushi has landed in Naccache and is here to blow your mind.

I was invited to a Château Kefraya wine and food pairing event at Steak Bar Sushi in March 2017. A couple months later and I find myself once again at Steak Bar Sushi to exclusively enjoy the exceptional cuisine they’re famed for while basking in those striking sunset hues.

The restaurant is spontaneous, for lack of a better word. Tables, chairs, cups, plates, and even cutlery come in different shapes and sizes! Choose from a set of unconventional knives to enjoy your meal.

Steak Bar Sushi Restaurant Lebanon Knives

SteakBarSushi Restaurant Cutlery

The charismatic owner, Charbel Makhlouf, refers to it as “organized chaos” while claiming that the beauty exists in the imperfections. There are various dining sections where you can enjoy your meal too. How about a romantic dinner for two with a sunset view under a bright red maple tree? What about following Japanese traditional floor culture dining and sitting on low rise tables on the far end?

SteakBarSushi Restaurant Maple Tree

A Sunset Dinner at Steak Bar Sushi

Steak Bar Sushi serves what its name indicates: Steak, bar (i.e. drinks), and sushi. The menu is 23 pages long with pictures – and that’s just the food menu!

Steak Bar Sushi Menu Lebanon

You’re asked to sign a disclaimer whereby you willingly accepting to surrender to this new form of culinary art. It’s definitely a very smart and crafty way to get your digits 😉

Steak Bar Sushi Lebanon Disclaimer Surrender

Hand me the booze
SteakBarSushi Restaurant Chopsticks Sushi
Wait, that’s not booze.

The Bar Menu at Steak Bar Sushi features a very extensive list of cocktails and spirits, so there’s something for everyone.

Steak Bar Sushi Lebanon Cocktails Menu

I ordered a Sex Floating Cocktail (18,000 LBP) with gin and blackberries, which was a bit too sweet for me. I highly recommend the Whiskey Overdrive (19,000 LBP) flavoured with bacon – it was our table’s favourite.

On my first visit, I tried a few of the sushi items off the menu and most of them were good.

We decided to forgo the seafood for this particular visit, so you guys are mainly here for the oh-so-juicy-and-tender meat dishes and corresponding accompaniments.

I’ll have to visit Steak Bar Sushi again to give you the 411 on their sushi 😉

Let’s start with…

SteakBarSushi Restaurant Knife Butcher

King Shitake (12,000 LBP) – beautifully tender and juicy Shitake mushrooms seasoned with salt, black pepper, and fresh rosemary immersed in a one of a kind creamy white sauce exclusive to Steak Bar Sushi. The presentation is a little messy, but it’s delicious I promise! I highly recommend you order this with your meat instead of choosing from the sauce options 😉

Steak Bar Sushi Restaurant Lebanon Appetizer
It’s not as heavy as it looks!

Raunchy Mushroom (1 skewer for 7,500 LBP) – Portobello mushrooms topped with Steak Bar Sushi miso herb dressing and sprinkled with sea salt and black pepper. So juicy!

Steak Bar Sushi Lebanon Portobello

Ham and Cheese Surprise (15,000 LBP) – this dish is referred to as “divine” on the menu, and I completely agree. Juicy chunks of cooked ham (not deli slices!), melted gooey mozzarella and Emmental cheese, fresh cream, herbs, and balsamic dressing make up a rather fine dish. I’m not exactly sure what the surprise is, but I was honestly amazed I liked it since the dish sounds and looks very heavy. The Ham and Cheese Surprise at Steak Bar Sushi is recommended.

Steak Bar Sushi Restaurant Ham Appetizer

Steak Bar Sushi Restaurant Appetizers

Followed with 4 Skewers of Beef: Fiesty Beef, Juicy Teriyaki, Beef Chili, and Beef Miso (9,750 LBP each).

All of the flavour combinations were delicious! The meat was super tender and perfectly marinated. I love the flavoured foam created through meticulous molecular chemistry. My favourite of the lot was the Fiesty Beef marinated in garlic and wasabi and topped with a Tamarind sauce.

Steak Bar Sushi Meat Skewers

Steak Bar Sushi Meat BBQ

As for the side orders:

A Side of Green (9,000 LBP) actually comes with a side of gold! It’s a beautiful healthy Instagram-worthy dish featuring crunchy grilled asparagus topped with olive oil, sea salt, and a garnish of lemon zest, then topped with a beautiful fried sunny side up egg with a liquid gold center. Yum!

Steak Bar Sushi Lebanon Egg Asparagus

Messy Potato (9,000 LBP), Potato Dauphinoise’s younger sister, boasts thin potato slivers, fresh cream, mozzarela and Italian Grana Padano cheese (similar to Parmesan), and finally, butter. This was the only side dish I didn’t enjoy, which was mainly due to the strong cheese flavour.

Mac n Cheese Addict (15,000 LBP) is, as its name suggests, an addiction. This one’s for the truffle and pasta lovers. The pronounced flavours in this dish are remarkable – you get that whiff of truffle as soon as it reaches the table. As a mushroom lover (to say I love mushrooms is an understatement), I didn’t mind the smell at all.

Steak Bar Sushi Truffle Mac Cheese

The Pomme Pont Neuf (9,750 LBP) are triple cooked fried potatoes which are crunchy on the outside and oh-so-fluffy on the inside #ItsSoFluffyImGonnaDie!

Steak Bar Sushi Fries Chips Potato

Let’s talk Meat!

Yes, the Filet Gourmet (25,500 LBP) is that steak on fire you’ve been seeing all over social media. Your steak literally catches fire with a shot of cognac. The meat is tender and contains the least percentage of fat compared to the others. Nothing else to see here!

Steak Bar Sushi Steak Cognac Fire
Filet Gourmet after the flames

The succulent Virgin Steak Wagyu tenderloin (97,500 LBP) is served with a roasted garlic bouquet.

Steak Bar Sushi Wagyu Filet

If you love fatty meat, then Luscious Veal (69,000 LBP) is for you. Our rack of veal was sliced by Charbel himself! The herb sauce served with it is exquisite.

Steak Bar Sushi Veal Meat Rack

SteakBarSushi Lebanon Veal Rack

Steak Bar Sushi Veal Meat Rub

My favourite of all the meat cuts was the Pure Beef (60,000 LBP) – a top quality mouthwatering Black Angus entrecote.

SteakBarSushi Restaurant Beef Entrecote

Since the meat is presented on a heated stone, I would recommend ordering it medium-rare, because it continues to cook on the stone anyway. This way you meat won’t overcook and lose all that juicy goodness! Season with a special Steak Bar Sushi homemade purple sea salt mix infused with red wine. Order the sauces on the side (5,000 LBP each); Shitake Sauce and Chimichurri are highly recommended. As I mentioned earlier, order the King Shitake “appetizer” to accompany your meat if you like white mushroom sauce!

SteakBarSushi Restaurant Lebanon Meat

There are 3 Desserts offered on the menu at Steak Bar Sushi.

The Dragon Cake (15,000 LBP) looks like a upgraded French patisserie featuring layers of shortbread, pistachio & citrus cream, lychee and passion fruit topped with orange agar jelly.

Praline lovers (i.e. not me) would love the Virgin Cake (15,000 LBP) with genoise, white chocolate, and coconut flavours.

Lastly, there’s the Chocolate Orgasm (15,000 LBP). This moist chocolate fondant is protected by an outer layer of dark chocolate that collapses as soon as you pour the warm chocolate sauce over it. It’s served with a creamy vanilla ice cream.

All 3 desserts are definitely very interesting creations which were highly appreciated in terms of flavour and creativity. Even though I wasn’t a fan, and that’s my personal opinion, you should still try at least one of them!

Final Verdict? Steak Bar Sushi is a must try.

I usually think twice about ordering at a restaurant serving two completely different cuisines. A restaurant’s identity is sometimes lost, evidently in their presented dishes, leaving guests almost always unsatisfied. However, that’s not the case with Steak Bar Sushi.

The restaurant concept is definitely unique and probably the only successful venture of its kind in Lebanon. “Surrender to your senses” as Charbel says. The passion is evident in each and every dish presented at Steak Bar Sushi; you will come back for more.

The staff members are friendly and attentive, the space is gorgeous (especially at sunset), the food is remarkably delicious, and the cutlery is just awesome. Seriously, where else can you choose a giant butcher knife instead of a plain old boring one to eat your steak?!

And if you’re lucky, you get to meet the enchanting Charbel in the flesh on your next visit. His stories will keep you entertained for hours – I know we were!

Steak Bar Sushi Restaurant Lebanon Decor

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Steak Bar Sushi Naccache

Address: Mar Mansour Street, Facing Pharmacy Braidi, Naccache, Metn

Contact: +961-76-555055


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