SteakBarSushi: Chocolate pairing with Lindt Master Chocolatier Matthew Muller

Christmas just got a whole lot sweeter with Master Chocolatier Matthew Muller at Steak Bar Sushi, your go-to place to quality sushi, succulent steaks, and innovative drinks in Lebanon.

December 13th was a night of true passion and indulgence at the famous SteakBarSushi in Naccache. The restaurant took chocolate pairing to a whole new level with their collaboration with Master Chocolatier Matthew Muller from Lindt!

The invitation to this eccentric event was enclosed in the case of the movie “Chocolat” – one of my favourite movies. Watching the brilliant chocolate indulgent scenes pre-event made it even more enjoyable. Thank you Charbel for always mischievously tempting us and helping our waistline remain oh-so-curvy. Muller, you’re not in the clear either!

SteakBarSushi Steak Bar Sushi Lindt Chocolat

Lebanon’s leading food conoisseurs and special guests gathered to celebrate this exceptional dining experience hosted by Lindt Master Chocolatier Matthew Muller at SteakBarSushi.

SteakBarSushi Lindt Matthew Muller Chocolate

The intense chocolate aromas inside penetrated our senses. In fact, an entire table of chocolate bites welcomed us upon our arrival.

SteakBarSushi Chocolate Lindt Pairing Matthew Muller

SteakBarSushi Lindt Matthew Muller Chocolate

SteakBarSushi Chocolate Lindt Pairing Matthew Muller

Lindt chocolate artist and our guest star, Matthew Muller, is one of the top 50 master chocolatiers in the world.

Muller even cleverly incorporated chocolate into our drinks!

First, we started with a refreshing tropical Pina Colada.

pina colada lindt master chocolatier chocolate

Matthew Muller Lindt Chocolate Pina Colada
White chocolate infused Pina Colada

Our first chocolate-enriched meal for the evening was a fresh salad with dark chocolate shavings that melt in your mouth and linger on your tongue with every bite.

SteakBarSushi Chocolate Lindt Salad Recipe

Have you ever tried chocolate with sushi? I heard that after eating sushi, chocolate for dessert tastes 10 times better. You’re gonna test that theory out, aren’t you?

SteakBarSushi Chocolate Lindt Pairing Salmon

SteakBarSushi Chocolate Pairing Recipes Antelias

Meat and chocolate, perhaps?

SteakBarSushi Chocolate Lindt Pairing Meat Skewers

What about fish coupled with Lindt chocolate foam?

SteakBarSushi Lindt Master Chocolatier Fish Chocolate
Now that’s a scary looking fish

Dessert was literally out of this world, taking us all by surprise!

SteakBarSushi Chocolate Dessert World Universe Galaxy

It’s a galaxy of chocolate, guys. T and I finished off the entire art piece #wesurrendered. Before you judge, remember that chocolate is important, has many benefits, and makes us happy.

At SteakBarSushi, I find myself always surrendering to the unique creations that are skillfully crafted in the kitchen. It was an exceptional experience and an honour to meet the world-renowned master chocolatier, Matthew Muller, in the flesh.

Lindt Master Chocolatier Matthew Muller Blogger

We were all trapped in Muller’s luxurious and stimulating world of chocolate and didn’t want to escape.

I wonder what Charbel Makhlouf, owner of and mastermind behind SteakBarSushi, has up his sleeve for 2018.

SteakBarSushi Chocolate Lindt Pairing Matthew Muller


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