A Scrumptious Breakfast at La Petite Table Dbayeh

First off, I would like to sincerely apologize for my absence. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you are up to date with my recent holiday in Barcelona! I’m back now and I have loads to share with you – as soon as I get to sit down and have some quality time with my laptop; it’s giving me the cold shoulder for ditching it for two weeks.

Before I get into that, I wanted to share a lovely breakfast experience I had prior to departure at La Petite Table Dbayeh, which recently opened in Gardens Dbayeh / Naccache complex.

Good morning from La Petite Table

I was invited to La Petite Table for breakfast organized by the lovely Zomato team in Lebanon.

My honest feedback? I love this restaurant, the concept, and oh my, the food!

La Petite Table is owned by the same genius behind SUD Restaurant (which I have previously raved about here and here), so it should come to no surprise that this new restaurant offers the equivalent great taste, quality food, and excellent service.

La Petite Table Dbayeh Exterior
La Petite Table Dbayeh Gardens

The venue is absolutely beautiful, bright, and spacious, featuring two picturesque terraces with a high-ceiling interior in between. It’s the perfect spot for an affordable delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee… even a romantic date! Sitting in the greenery, taking your first bite into that flaky buttery croissant, you feel magically transported to a charming French café in the heart of Paris(*)(**).

*I’m saying “Paris” in a French accent, because it sounds better that way…

**Not that I’ve been to Paris :’) Yet.

La Petite Table Dbayeh Interior

We ordered our drinks and started our morning with the rich breakfast selection on display.

The buffet features assorted cheeses, cold cuts, labneh, and fruits and veggies to viennoiserie, and a selection of jams and bread.

 La Petite Table Dbayeh Breakfast Bar

 La Petite Table Dbayeh Breakfast Bar Watermelon

 La Petite Table Dbayeh Croissant

La Petite Table Dbayeh Madeleine

La Petite Table Jam for Breakfast

I started with the Chocolate Bread Pudding, because frankly, I couldn’t wait til later.

 La Petite Table Dbayeh Chocolate Bread Pudding
Mmmmm. Chocolate.

I actually raved about this masterpiece in the 8 spots to get your chocolate fix in Lebanon piece on Beirut.com.

The hot chocolate (8,000 LBP) was disappointing though; it was not chocolate-y enough (if that’s even a word) and had a pungent sour milk after-taste.

On to the Viennoiserie

The croissants at La Petite Table are one of the best I’ve had in Lebanon (a close second to Biscuit, featured in 5 must-try croissants in Lebanon). My favourite version was plain. It was super flaky, soft, and buttery; what you would expect once you bite into that golden croissant.

The feta and olives combination is different to what we usually find in a typical croissant, and it worked nicely.

La Petite Table Dbayeh Croissant
Croissant with Feta & Olives

The Chocolate Escargot (Escargots à la crème et pépites de chocolat) in the viennoiserie section was delicious and moist, and most importantly, filled with chocolate!

La Petite Table Dbayeh Breakfast Chocolate Roll
Escargot au Chocolat

Don’t forgo that caramel butter spread on the counter. Seriously, just slather that sweet spread onto a slice of toast and enjoy as is. It’s super delicious!

Also, make your own ashta and honey plate with a sprinkle of toasted almonds.

 Petite Table Ashta and Honey
Ashta & Honey

Save room for the eggs!

The sunny-side up eggs with spicy chorizo and roasted potatoes (14,500 LBP) were delicious; I’ve never tried this combination before. I’m not a huge fan of spicy food*, but this dish wasn’t too spicy so it was enjoyable.

*When you put chili peppers into any dish, they will all taste the same to the sensitive palate. Spicy is a flavour. A flavour I don’t really crave.

La Petite Table Dbayeh Eggs Chorizo
Eggs with Chorizo & Potato

The Ham and Comte Cheese Omelet (14,000 LBP) is also delicious, however in my opinion is a bit overpriced (as is the eggs chorizo dish) considering the simple plate presented. I would suggest adding some edible décor (i.e. a green salad maybe?).

La Petite Table Omelette du Frommage
Omelette du Frommage (any #Dexter fans?) et Jambon

My favourite of the eggs dishes was the smoked salmon with perfectly creamy scrambled eggs with black caviar and a generous dollop of thick cream (16,000 LBP). I ditched the cream though.

La Petite Table Smoked Salmon Scramble
Smoked Salmon Scramble

Next time I visit La Petite Table, I want to try the sweet breakfast selection featured on their menu including crepes, waffles, yogurt and fruits, and fruit salad. And chocolate bread pudding. And a croissant. With that lush caramel butter.

La Petite Table Dbayeh chocolate
Oh my Chocolate.
It’s 36,000 LBP for the open counter, which includes free range eggs and open coffee or tea.

I would recommend making a reservation if you are a larger group to get the best spot in the restaurant – on a comfy couch right in front of the buffet 😉

La Petite Table Dbayeh Breakfast


La Petite Table

Address: Dbayeh Gardens, Beneath Naccache Bridge, Facing Spinney’s Parking, Naccache, Metn

Contact: +961-81-666483


For opening hours and menu, check out their Facebook page or La Petite Table Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

La Petite Table was featured in 8 spots to get your chocolate fix in Lebanon5 must-try croissants in Lebanon, Lebanon’s 9 Best Salad Bars with the most variety, and 6 egg-cellent breakfasts in Lebanon on Beirut.com.

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