Visit Lebanon: To Harissa and Back

If you want a simple, easy and meaningful day trip in Lebanon, then go to Harissa.

For the purpose of this article, Harissa will replace “Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lebanon”.

I regularly visit Harissa, but this was the first time via cable car (“Teleferique du Liban“). Taking this mode of transport is a popular tourist activity in Jounieh, in case you were wondering. Were you though?

You were probably wondering if we stopped for food, as we always do. Knefe was the plan. I like Knefe. But the place we went to were out of Knefe and it made me upset and I’m gonna stop talking about it because my keyboard is getting wet.

We had this. It wasn’t great.

Al Baba Jal el Dib Sfiha
Traditional Lebanese Sfiha Puff Pastry with Debs el Remmen


Harissa Teleferique Lebanon

The Teleferique is one of the oldest and most visited tourist attractions in Lebanon and has been operating since 1965!

We arrived at the Teleferique station right behind St Louis Hospital in Jounieh, purchased our round-trip tickets (11,000 LBP each on weekends / 9,000 LBP on weekdays), and went up the stairs to catch a vintage cable car ride up the forested mountain. Every group can get their own cable car, keeping in mind that only 4-5 people can squeeze in!

Here’s some key information you should also know about the Teleferique:

  • It doesn’t operate in windy weather conditions
  • No injuries have been reported to date (since 1965), so it’s perfectly safe
  • Peak Season is from 10am-10pm / Off-Peak is from 10am-6pm

Harissa Teleferique Lebanon Tourism (1)

Teleferique Red Cable Car Lebanon
Our lovely red cable car 🙂

The trip from Jounieh Bay to the sanctuary is 1.5km long, only takes 9 minutes and gives you incredible panoramic views of the bay!

Lebanon Jounieh Bay Scenery
Breathtaking view of Jounieh Bay from inside the cable car

Once you get to the top, you have the option of taking the funicular to the sanctuary or walking up the stairs surrounded by greenery (it’s a 5 minute walk; 10-30 minutes if you stop to take pictures). Note that the funicular can get pretty crowded and you would have to wait in line longer.

Harissa Lebanon Funicular

Can you guess which path we chose?

Harissa Lebanon Gardens

We don’t like lines.

A Visit to Harissa

Many Lebanese make frequent pilgrimages to Harissa as it’s quite paramount in their religious culture, so it’s definitely worth visiting if you’re in Lebanon. It can certainly give you a good perspective on Lebanese heritage and culture.

Harissa Lebanon Statue

The 20-tonne statue of Mother Mary built in the 19th century isn’t so subtle and prominently stands out atop Harissa mountain. It’s worth climbing up the stairs to reach the top of the statue; the views from the summit are beautiful and breathtaking.

I’ve visited Harissa several times before and know people who do the same, because of the wonderfully serene experience it provides. I think the photos speak for themselves.

Harissa Statue Mary

Harissa Lebanon View

Basilica of St. Paul Lebanon
Melkite Greek Catholic Basilica of St. Paul
Harissa Lebanon Tourism (13)
View from the top of Our Lady of Lebanon statue

We also saw people paragliding from the top of the mountain! I’d like to try that one day, but for the moment I’ll remain with my cowardly self, feet glued to the ground.

Harissa Lebanon Paragliding

You can visit the small church underneath the statue and there is also a larger one near the souvenirs shop.

We stopped for ice cream before we proceeded back to the cable car.

Harissa Soft Serve Ice Cream
Vanilla & Chocolate Merry Cream
Still hungry though..

Lunch on the terrace at SUD Restaurant

There’s a food court as well as a café right next to the sanctuary, but we opted for lunch at the newly opened Gardens in Dbayeh on our way back to Beirut.

I’ve previously written about the wonderful experience I had in SUD Restaurant in Mar Mikhael and I was happy to learn that the restaurant recently opened in the Gardens Dbayeh complex along with a number of other posh restaurants.

T and I ordered a variety of appetizers and main courses to share and some fancy cocktails.

SUD Restaurant Dbayeh Burger Photography

We finished with delectable dessert along with a café blanc for me and green tea for him.

The Pain Perdu at SUD Restaurant is a MUST. There are no words for this epicurean masterpiece. Wait, there are, and I’ve elaborately proclaimed them here.

SUD Restaurant Dbayeh Pain Perdu

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Day Trip to Harissa Map

Note: Map shows the trip from Teleferique to Harissa by car (and you know you want to take the teleferique!)



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