La Petite Table: Avocado Toast, Poke Bowls, and an Eton Mess!

I’ve raved about the breakfast at La Petite Table on my blog before. Now, it’s time to dissect their lunch menu.

Let’s have a healthy-“ish” lunch at La Petite Table

When it comes to food, T and I always share. Instead of ordering main courses, we felt like trying a bunch of items fit for sharing.

We started with drinks, complimentary nuts and bread paired with my favourite olive oil, Adon & Myrrh

La Petite Table local Lebanese Wine


We ordered:

The Mushroom Pizzette (13,500 LBP) was recommended by our waiter. The ingredients consisted of tomato sauce, mushrooms, parmesan, mozzarella, garlic butter topped with raw mushrooms. By the way, I love mushrooms. T hates them, and hence more mushrooms for me 😉 If I’m ever craving pizza, this pizzette would definitely be an option for a lighter and healthier pizza indulgence.

La Petite Table Lebanon Pizza Mushroom

The Goat Cheese Pie (20,500 LBP) at La Petite Table is a MASTERPIECE. The flavours and textures in this dish are perfect. A beautiful thin flaky puff pastry with goat cheese mousse dollops, honey, and balsamic cream, served with a side salad. This was my favourite out of all the dishes we ordered.

La Petite Table Lebanon Goat cheese

Next up (my second favourite item) is the Avocado Toast (14,000 LBP). You would think they would stop at a simple layer of avocado. The whole wheat bread is topped with mashed avocado topped with MORE avocado slices and tomato salsa. The avocado toast is perfect for sharing or as a meal in itself. You have to try it!

La Petite Table Dbayeh Avocado Toast

Salad Bowls

Let’s try the Chicken Bowl (21,500 LBP) with “real” mustard dressing. Wait a second… Have I been having “fake” mustard my whole life? I’m sure they don’t mean to sound pompous. The salad tasted great, however, the dressing was more of a dip. The sweet potato, although delicious, makes the salad too sweet. I enjoyed the salad by eating each ingredient separately.

La Petite Table Lebanon Chicken Salad

Trying out something new, T and I went for the Salmon Poke Bowl with soy sesame dressing (24,500 LBP). It’s a beautifully organized large bowl divided into sections of avocado, mango, radishes, cucumbers, broccoli, and quinoa with a kale and lettuce base. I wasn’t a fan of the radish and broccoli in there. It was nonetheless a tasty choice, and not salty relative to the other (albeit sparse) poke bowls in the Lebanese market.

La Petite Table Lebanon Poke Bowl

Also, I have to say this: Please restaurants of Lebanon, we are bored of quinoa and it’s “nutritious” qualities. Can we perhaps have some freekeh or couscous instead?

La Petite Table Lebanon Healthy Flatlay

Of course, La Petite Table offers one of the best (if not THE BEST) salad bars in Lebanon. It’s priced at 28,000 LBP (add 4,000 LBP for open soup).

La Petite Table Lebanon Salad Bar

La Petite Table Lebanon Salad Bar

There’s always room for dessert 😉

Soft serve ice cream and waffles weren’t available to order today so I followed a tropical theme.

Mango Rice Pudding (10,500 LBP) spoke to me. I love rice pudding and I love mango. However, I wasn’t a fan of this dessert. It tasted somewhat bitter.

La Petite Table Lebanon Dessert Mango

The dessert I admired the most at La Petite Table is the Mango and Passionfruit Eton Mess aka Vacherin (14,000 LBP). Usually prepared with berries, this classic dessert gets a tropical makeover with sweet mango and tart passionfruit. The meringues shaped like fingers are much more enjoyable (to me, at least) than the traditional dollop model. I preferred the vanilla ice cream over the passion fruit. The dash of lime zest holds it all together; highly recommended!

La Petite Table Lebanon Dessert Flatlay

La Petite Table Lebanon Dessert Vacherin

La Petite Table Lebanon Dessert Vacherin

Final Verdict?

La Petite Table offers delicious, high quality unique dishes coupled with excellent service and a picturesque setting at The Gardens Naccache. This casual eatery is one of my favourites in Lebanon.

Next time, I’ll try the goat cheese and strawberry salad and perhaps some main dishes like the Beef Fettuccine (because cream and carbs will balance out the salad).

La Petite Table Gardens Dbayeh Christmas

La Petite Table Lebanon Healthy Food


La Petite Table

Address: Dbayeh Gardens, Beneath Naccache Bridge, Facing Spinney’s Parking, Naccache, Metn

Contact: +961-81-666483


La Petite Table also has a second branch in ABC Verdun.


For opening hours, check out La Petite Table on Facebook page or La Petite Table Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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