Is Sushi Healthy? Here are 6 Ways to Enjoy Sushi the Healthy Way

I am a HUGE sushi fan (more so sashimi). I can eat it any day, every day. No exaggeration.

Is Sushi Healthy?

Sushi has been mistakenly labeled as an unhealthy and fattening food by many. When watching your waistline, I can guarantee you can still enjoy eating sushi in moderation. However, if your idea of sushi is the mayo-ridden crab and fried tempura rolls, then you’re right and it would be best to avoid it altogether..

Before you consider cutting out this potentially healthy (and delicious) food from your diet, I am here to demonstrate that you can enjoy sushi AND stay in shape at the same time, especially if you follow the simple rules below; you can call them “guidelines” if it makes you feel any better.

Here are 6 Ways to Enjoy Sushi the Healthy Way!

1 – Order a light appetizer like steamed edamame or a cup of miso soup. These will fill you up before your main order arrives and help you consume less rolls while satisfying your hunger.

2 – Order at least 3 pieces of sashimi. Sashimi is raw fish (sushi rolls minus the rice and other additions). They are low carb (which is a great dinner choice) and are packed with protein and essential nutrients.  It’s the best healthy option when it comes to eating sushi. 

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3 – Avoid anything labeled “cripsy”. It’s just another word for “fried”. That means you can’t have that notorious Crispy Salmon Salad or anything off the “Crispy Rolls” section of the menu!

4 – Look for the word “Mayo”. Found it? Good. Skip it. Sushi is already a calorie-dense food (with every roll ranging from 40-50 calories), there’s no need to stock up on more calories by adding full-fat mayonnaise. Why would you want to add mayonnaise to such a delicious fish anyway?!

5 – Go easy on the soy sauce. It contains lots of sodium which causes water retention, not to mention it’s also not so good for your health. Restaurants serving sushi will usually have regular and light soy sauce, so opt for the lighter version which contains less sodium if you insist on having it.

6 – SHARE! Sharing is caring. Whether it’s with your friends or family, there is no better way to enjoy sushi than sharing it with those you love (and those who help your diet by eating your dinner).

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So is sushi healthy? Now you know 😉

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  1. Loved this post! I’m obsessed with sushi and was worried I wouldn’t be able to have it, but I can have 10 to 12 pieces ^_^ it makes you appreciate every piece more this way as well!

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