Baytna Barouk: A Must Try Lebanese Restaurant In The Shouf Region!

How about we visit a Lebanese restaurant housed in a 200 year-old building that serves wonderful authentic Lebanese cuisine for the weekend in Shouf?

This family-owned restaurant in Al Barouk village in the region of Shouf is situated in a traditional setting in an arched stone building built about 200 years ago.

Baytna Barouk Restaurant serves a wide variety of delicious Lebanese dishes as well as international dishes in both summer and winter.

T and I visited Baytna Barouk on a Sunday summer afternoon at 3pm so the restaurant was a bit less crowded since most of the people had already finished lunch. Lunch at Baytna Barouk is ideal after a long hike in Barouk Cedars Forest, which is only a few minutes away by car – I recommend you come hungry! There are so many delicious dishes to enjoy!

Sitting outside by the window is ideal for me as I like to be as close to natural light as possible, because a) I need good food shots and b) I actually prefer to eat in daylight. However, Baytna Barouk also offers darker and more intimate corners inside, which are perfect for gatherings, romantic dates or other special occasions.

Baytna Barouk Cedars Restaurant Lunch View

Baytna Barouk Restaurant Interior Decor Lebanese

Baytna Barouk Lebanese Restaurant Interior Decor

Baytna Barouk Lebanese Restaurant Interior Decor

Baytna Barouk Restaurant Lebanese Old Painting

Let’s have lunch at Baytna Barouk Restaurant!

Authentic Lebanese dishes served in traditional clay pots that stay warm from the lit candle underneath…

Baytna Barouk Restaurant Lebanese Food Mezza

My favourite was the Halloumi clay pot with tomatoes and Nigella Sativa Black Seeds. The Ras A’asfour is also a must try – you can’t miss out on these! Don’t worry, they’re not actually birds – it’s just sauteed meat in the most deliciously sticky sauce topped with pine nuts. Yum!

Barouk Lebanese Foodie Blogger Christina Naim

Baytna Barouk Restaurant Lebanese Food Mezza

Perhaps some freshly baked hot bread right out of the oven?

Baytna Barouk Restaurant Lebanese Bread Foodie

Here are some close-up shots of our lunch at Baytna Barouk:

 Baytna Barouk Restaurant Lebanese Tabbouleh Food

Baytna Restaurant Barouk Shouf Batata Lebanese

Baytna Barouk Lebanese Food Tomato Toum

Baytna Barouk Restaurant Lebanese Food Mtabbal

Barouk Baytna Restaurant Shouf Shanklish Cheese

The BBQ meats are so tender and have a delicious marination!

 Baytna Barouk Restaurant Lebanese Food Mashewe

Dessert is humble after a rich and satisfying lunch…

 Baytna Barouk Restaurant Lebanese Dessert Lebanon

Baytna Barouk Restaurant Lebanese Dessert Lebanon


Lebanese Turkish Coffee Baytna Restaurant Barouk

Final Verdict?

Baytna Barouk didn’t fail to impress! Fast service, friendly and welcoming staff, affordable prices, high-quality locally-sourced ingredients, live oud music playing in the background… what’s not to love?

Its close proximity to Barouk Cedar Reserve, the largest Cedar forest in Lebanon, is also a plus. So there’s another reason for visiting Baytna Barouk 😉

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Baytna Barouk Restaurant

Address: Beit Ed Dine – Barouk Main Road

Contact: +961-3-841456


For opening hours and more info, follow Baytna Barouk Restaurant on Facebook / Instagram or check out the full menu including prices here.

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