Abdul Rahman Hallab and Sons Tripoli: Lebanon’s “Palace of Sweets”

Abdul Rahman Hallab and Sons, Lebanon’s most famous sweets palace, has many branches all over Lebanon. However, you haven’t truly experienced their traditional sweets if you haven’t visited their original branch “قصر الحلو” in Tripoli.

Therefore, a trip to the source was in order!

Tripoli is renowned for its ancient ruins, culture, heritage, and of course, authentic Lebanese cuisine. I’ve covered the famous moghrabieh sandwich and the tastiest foul in Lebanon at Akra Tripoli. Now, it’s time to touch up on our sweets.

Who here has a sweet tooth? It’s my Achilles’ heel. Sweets are, unfortunately, the reason why I can never achieve my (definitely unachievable) dream body – that’s why it’s called a dream body, by the way. Oh well!

Introducing the renowned Sweets Palace in Tripoli: Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons

In 1881, Tripoli witnessed a whole new world of traditional oriental sweets when Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons opened their first shop in the heart of the city.

Hallab Tripoli Lebanese sweets Lebanon Outdoor

The Sweets Palace in Tripoli offers an extensive and enriched selection of delicious traditional oriental sweets.

Hallab Tripoli Menu Lebanese sweets lebanon

Every piece is unique and meticulously prepared, and the ingredients used are of high quality and always fresh. This combination of factors endorsed Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons with their unrivaled name in oriental sweets.

Think about it. When Lebanese locals crave oriental sweets in Lebanon, most recall Hallab Tripoli “Kasr el Helou” i.e. the sweets castle/palace.

Lebanese Oriental Sweets Mixed Baklava Pistachio

The Oriental Sweets

Order Baklava stuffed with all kinds of nuts; peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, and cashews. My favourite are the traditional pistachio or walnut fillings. They melt in your mouth like butter, literally. You don’t wanna know how much butter each piece has slathered in between every thin layer of crispy goodness.

Hallab Tripoli Lebanese Oriental Sweets Baklava

Lebanese Oriental Sweets Karbouj Mad Pistachios

Lebanese Oriental Sweets Mafroukeh Pistachios Ashta

Lebanese Oriental Sweets Bourma Cashews Baklava

Lebanese Oriental Sweets Mixed Baklava Pistachio

Try a variety of sweets if you decide to pay them a visit! T and I sampled the Pistachio Mafroukeh, Znoud el Set, Halawet el Jebn, and Osmaliyeh.

Hallab Tripoli Lebanese sweets Lebanon Ashta

Hallab also offers a “diet” sugar-free version of their oriental sweets; I thoroughly enjoyed them and barely noticed the difference!

The renowned oriental sweets establishment doesn’t only offer traditional sweets, but also sweets with a twist. Naturally, they do this in order to keep up to date with today’s constantly changing market. Although I’m personally not a fan of the imposter Chocolate-Knefe hybrids, some do appreciate the concept.

Hallab Tripoli Breakfast Knefe Lebanese Sweets

Hallab Tripoli Breakfast Knefe Lebanese Sweets

I have, however, received Christmas Buche de Noel from Hallab for the past two years; they’re different and not what you’d expect from an oriental sweets shop, or rather, “palace”. The Sweets Palace certainly lives up to its grandeur!

Check out the Valentine’s edition I received yesterday! [You can win one for yourself here]


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Their ISO-certified products including their specialty Bakalava and Karabeej are delivered locally and worldwide! You can shop online here. Just FYI, I get no commission from this (unfortunately) :’)

Other discoveries at Abdul Rahman Hallab and Sons in Tripoli

We also sampled the Lahm Baajin during our visit.

Usually Lahm Baajin is served in dough like a Mankoushe, however, in Tripoli, the meat mix is baked in a filo pastry and then topped with sweet pomegranate molasses. I personally like this Tripoli version 🙂

Lahm Baajine Hallab Tripoli Food Blog

Lahm Baajine Hallab Tripoli Food Blog

Lahm Baajine Hallab Tripoli Food Blog

Lahm Baajine Hallab Tripoli Food Blog
Grilled Lahm Baajin

Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons Collaboration: Foodies make their own Znoud el Set!

I had the opportunity along with other Lebanese food influencers to make our own Znoud el Set inside the kitchen of Hallab Tripoli last weekend. That was a blast! They taste so good when they’re fresh and still warm from the fryer. As for the aesthetic results, well, let’s just say we won’t be Hallab’s preferred chefs if they’re low on staff one day! And I accept that decision.

hallab tripoli znoud Lebanese foodies Lebanon

Hallab Tripoli Lebanese Food Bloggers Collaboration

Final Verdict?

You haven’t tried traditional local sweets until you’ve visited Hallab in Tripoli. The sequential branches are good, but no branch can really top this one and the overall experience in the Sweets Palace.

I would highly recommend ordering a plate of “mshakkal” (i.e. variety) as we did so you can taste the different sweets they have to offer.

What do you think I should try next in Tripoli? I would love to hear your recommendations!

Lahm Baajine Hallab Tripoli Food Blog


Abdul Rahman Hallab and Sons Tripoli

Address: Al Mina Road, Near Al Madina Pharmacy, Tripoli, Tripoli District

Contact: +961-6-444445

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