Akra Tripoli: One of the best foul and fatteh restaurants in Lebanon!

I know there are many places in Lebanon who serve delicious foul, but the restaurant who stole my heart (and my stomach) is Akra Tripoli. Located in the old souks, the famous Akra Restaurant is a must-try when visiting Tripoli for that ultimate Lebanese breakfast experience, great hospitality, and authentic taste at more than affordable prices.

Seriously, expect to be “foul” for the entire day and spend under 15,000 LBP!

You’re received by many ladies as you enter Akra Tripoli. A beautiful positive ambiance welcomes you in an old two-story Lebanese house paired with traditional architecture and design featuring stone arcs and walls, chandeliers, and simple tables and chairs.

The scents coming from the open kitchen in the back of the restaurant alerts your senses and awakens your stomach.

Akra Tripoli offers the most perfect vibes for a traditional local experience.

Akra Restaurant Tripoli Lebanese Food Architecture

As soon as you order, a plate of complimentary vegetables arrives along with a traditional glass jug of water – the kind you only find nowadays in your village home.

Akra Tripoli Veggies Lebanese Food Kitchen
Veggies all prepped up and ready to go

The portions at Akra Tripoli are generous to say the least (just like home).

Oh – and those fried nuts on top! Just wow.

Tripoli Akra Foul Fatteh Hummus Lebanese
Look at that generosity!

Let’s have some Foul.

This classic Mediterranean dish is made with fava beans (foul), chopped tomatoes and onions, olive oil, cumin, salt, and lemon juice – some also add minced garlic and even chickpeas to the mix. Foul is served with fresh vegetables such as radishes, raw onions, fresh mint, olives, and tomatoes, as well as Lebanese bread. Foul is considered a nutritious breakfast since it’s packed with essential vitamins and protein.

An enormous bowl of Foul b Hummus (chickpeas) at Akra Tripoli, for example, is 4,000 LBP – that’s just under $3USD! And it’s enough for two people. Of course, T and I didn’t stop there.

Akra Tripoli Best Foul in Lebanon

We also tried the Fatteh (5,000 LBP) with Lahme which was recommended to us by our lovely waitress who was so passionate about the food at Akra Tripoli. She also kept insisting we won’t be able to finish what we ordered – and we didn’t. However, to be fair, we live in Beirut, which is nearly 2 hours away, and we weren’t visiting Tripoli again any time soon, so we had to try different dishes!

Fatteh, although very fattening when done right, is one of my favourite Lebanese breakfasts. Akra Tripoli serves delicious Fatteh, a [huge] bowl of cooked tender chickpeas topped with thick creamy laban (yogurt) and fried nuts. Fatteh is usually drizzled with melted butter or ghee. Moreover, at the bottom of the dish, you’ll find fried pita bread, which adds to the heaviness (and heavenliness) of the dish. It can be vegetarian, but I personally enjoy it with meat.

Akra Tripoli Fatteh Lebanese Food Meat

We ordered a small portion of plain n’ simple hummus to taste test. It passed, as expected.

Tripoli Akra Foul Hummus Lebanese Mezza

The freshly baked bread was the cherry on top to a beautiful Lebanese breakfast – make sure to ask for it.

Final Verdict?

You can’t visit Tripoli without going to Akra, the House of Foul, Hummus, and Fatteh.

The food is delicious, affordable, generous, and of high quality. The service is quick with friendly and professional staff members. Not to mention the proper hygiene! The restaurant is immaculate.

Additionally, when you see a restaurant packed with locals, you know it’s good – if not, awesome!

I’d like to offer a piece of advice when it comes to Akra Tripoli. Don’t look at the menu – let your server take care of you.

Word of Caution: You WILL leave with a full (yet happy) belly so clear your lunch and dinner plans for the day.

If I find myself in Tripoli again, I will most definitely visit Akra for a delicious heartwarming bowl of everything.

Where do you think I should go to next for foul in Lebanon? I would love to hear your recommendations!

Akra Restaurant Tripoli Lebanese Food Breakfast

Akra Restaurant Tripoli Lebanon Lebanese Food


Akra Tripoli

Address: Al Koura Square, Near Al Koura Pharmacy, Tripoli

Contact: +961-6-438500

For opening hours, check out Akra Tripoli on Akra Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

There are 3 branches in Tripoli. The address above is the one I visited.

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