Eshmoon: Delicious Local Organic Chocolate in Lebanon

What’s Valentine’s Day without Chocolate?

If you didn’t get your significant other a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, she might have let it pass – or made you think she let it pass…

I was first introduced to Eshmoon at the Salon du Chocolat exhibition in BIEL in November 2015. Yes, there’s a whole 3-day exhibition in Beirut dedicated to chocolate every year. Since then, I’ve probably purchased at least a dozen vegan chocolate spreads from Eshmoon at their Souk el Tayeb stand every Saturday in Beirut Souks. So you don’t need to wait until November to get to know them 😉

Eshmoon Salon du Chocolat BIEL Beirut

The Story of Eshmoon

Eshmoon Organics Holistic Chocolate

“The secret is not in the recipe but in the philosophy behind it”

Samer Toutoungy founded Eshmoon Organics in 2012 through his educational background (he has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a master’s degree in Natural Products Biotechnology) and professional expertise in food chemistry and chocolate making. His own personal interest in holistic studies had a major part in the initial launch of Eshmoon.

Eshmoon was named after the Canaanite god of Healing who represents the healing powers of nature. Eshmoon’s goal is to go back to the roots and restore that perfect balance in our ever-changing unstable society.

Eshmoon now holds a range of delicious 100% organic chocolate creations made from all-natural unprocessed cacao powder and coconut butter/oil, and sweetened with locally-sourced molasses or honey. All Eshmoon products are dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, organic, and vegan with absolutely NO preservatives. Even their packaging is environment-friendly, made from 100% biodegradable material.

The Full Eshmoon Product Range Review

Eshmoon chocolate organic product review

I never thought to write a review on the range of Eshmoon products until just recently after I got into the habit of eating healthy again through my weight loss program with Eat Diet Club.

Chocolate is my everlasting addiction, but it’s (regrettably) a love-hate relationship; i.e. I love chocolate and chocolate hates me.

However Eshmoon chocolate loves everyone! It’s not considered “junk food” since it’s organic and made from natural ingredients, so it’s good for you! Thus you can enjoy their products minus the guilt and post-chocolate cardio classes 😉

1. Eshmoon Chocolate Spread

Eshmoon Boutique Chocolate Spread

The Chocolate Spread base is made up of a blend of organic non-processed cacao powder, coconut butter, and honey or molasses and then different flavours are added such as orange, tahini, grape molasses, carob (my favourite), apple, and more. There are two sizes available: 150g (8,000 LBP) and 330g (12,000 LBP).

Chocolate Carob Spread: Ingredients here are cacao powder, coconut oil, and carob molasses. The chocolate flavour in this spread is pure, rich and intense. Eshmoon’s Chocolate Spread is such a great alternative to its infamous unhealthy chocolate-spread rivals. 

Spread a spoonful of chocolate on wholegrain toast in the morning, use it as a filling for a healthy crepe, or even frost a cake with it! #cleaneats

Eshmoon Vegan Chocolate Nutella Spread

Each spread contains specific health benefits; i.e. the Chocolate Spread with Carob is good for relieving constipation. All chocolate spreads are high in iron which benefits against anemia.

Eshmoon Vegan Chocolate Benefits

Move over Nutella, real chocolate wins this round!

2. Eshmoon Chocolate Pills

Chocolate pills are basically mini chocolate truffles made from cacao, coconut oil, and molasses or honey and then dipped in cacao powder. Like the lusciously smooth chocolate spreads, Eshmoon chocolate pills come in a variety of flavours.

There are two sizes available: 100g (11,000 LBP) and 250g (25,000 LBP).

Eshmoon Chocolate Pills Flavours

These chocolate pills are ridiculously good and super addictive! At only 35 calories a pop, they make a perfect snack between meals, especially when you’re feeling peckish.

3. Eshmoon Chocolate Covered Dried Fruit

There are currently two different chocolate covered dried fruit options: Oranges and Apples, with each bag priced at 7,000 LBP.

Eshmoon Orange Chocolate Chips Dried Fruit

Orange Chocolate Chips: The taste is on point, however the texture of the orange is similar to a hard candy which makes it difficult to bite.

Apple Chocolate Chips: You know the texture of some dehydrated apples on the market that are just impossible to chew? Yes, I know. Frustrating! I expected the same from this product; however these chocolate covered delights have the texture of actual chips! The dried apple slice will break and deliver the perfect crunch as soon as you bite into it. It tastes absolutely delicious and apple chocolate chips are a must-have snack in your pantry. It comes up to 35 calories per 15g (about two slices) and the whole bag is 80g. Happy healthy snacking! 😉

4. Eshmoon Chocolate Bars

The list of organic chocolate creations just keeps growing! Eshmoon recently introduced two Chocolate Bars (7,000 LBP) to their product line. And I would personally like to thank them for bringing us together too!

Eshmoon Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar

70% Dark Chocolate: The only downside is that because it’s so light, it melts away in your mouth so much quicker than the chocolate that we all know and love (and are addicted to). I love the texture of the grape sugar crystals too. It’s an interesting new approach to chocolate for me and I’m loving it!

70% Dark Chocolate flavoured with natural orange peel: Same comment as the plain 70% chocolate version. I liked the addition of real orange peels even though I’m not a fan of fruit and chocolate pairings.

The 70% Dark Chocolate Bars come in tablets of 110 grams made of organic cacao powder, coconut oil, and Eshmoon Grape Sugar.

5. Eshmoon Puffed Rice Cereal

At the moment, Eshmoon offers three different cereal flavours:

  • Chocolate (14,000 LBP)
  • Honey (16,000 LBP)
  • Grape Molasses (14,000 LBP)

Eshmoon Vegan Chocolate Puffed Rice Cereal

Chocolate Puffed Rice Balls Cereal: Although they are a bit hard in texture, they’re delicious and very light in flavour. The chocolate cereal is not heavy on the stomach which makes it the perfect breakfast! Pair it with unsweetened almond milk or your milk of preference and then watch as the milk turns chocolate-y – I don’t know about you, but that’s my favourite part about chocolate cereal.

Honey Puffed Rice Balls Cereal: At the boutique, I tried the honey-flavoured cereal puffs by Eshmoon, which taste similar to one of my all-time favourite breakfast cereals “Corn Pops” by Kelloggs!

6. Eshmoon Hot Chocolate

Eshmoon Vegan Hot Chocolate Coconut Milk

Eshmoon’s Instant Hot Chocolate mix (15,000 LBP) is made up of organic cacao powder, coconut milk, grape molasses, and vanilla. If you’re not a fan of coconut milk (or coconut-flavoured sweets), then the lingering coconut taste might be a bit off-putting. Otherwise, it tastes great and you can add milk for a thicker consistency.

7. Eshmoon Instant Organic Coffee

There are three kinds in their range of coffees:

  • The Plain version spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, and vanilla (10,000 LBP)
  • The Unsweetened 2 in 1: Plain Version + Coconut Milk (15,000 LBP)
  • The Sweetened 3 in 1: Plain Version + Coconut Milk + Grape Molasses (15,000 LBP)

Eshmoon Review Vegan Organic Coffee

I decided to try Eshmoon’s “3 in 1” version. Once I added hot water to the mix, my coffee turned a golden on the surface and smelt like caramelized sugar – wow! However, again if you’re not a fan of coconut, you might not like it since there’s that lingering taste. I did find the mixture a tad too sweet, so I would go for the plain version next time and sweeten it to my liking.

8. Eshmoon Special Valentine’s Edition Box of “Ores”

Chocolate Ores Eshmoon Vegan Valentine

This Special Valentine’s Edition Box of “Ores” comes in two sizes: small and large.

First Impressions They look like truffles! When I first read the label, I mistook “Ores” for “Oreos” and got kinda excited because who doesn’t like Oreos?

Reality Check They’re not Oreos people, they’re “ores”. That’s the first thing you must remember before you try them haha. The dark chocolate ball has an unexpected crunchy hazelnut center. The chocolate surrounding that nutty interior is smooth and rich like a truffle.

I personally FELL IN LOVE with these. Plus, they would really make such a cute gift and contribute to a great “chocolate binge” 😉 It’s the month of Valentine’s after all!

Eshmoon Chocolate Heart Gifts

Other Eshmoon Products Available

Eshmoon also has several other organic all-natural products on offer including 4 kinds of molasses, 5 different kinds of honey, and dehydrated grape sugar (useful for baking) as well as cosmetic products such as shampoo and soap. I’m positive they’re working on even more products as I write this too!

Final Verdict?

I made my opinion pretty clear throughout the post, but I’ll state it again: YES!

Chocolate that’s actually good for you AND tastes delicious? 100 times YES!

I highly recommend the chocolate spreads, chocolate truffles, chocolate pills, chocolate bars, chocolate fruit chips, cereal, and of course, the new Ores!

If you are a TRUE chocolate lover, then you will fall in love with Eshmoon.


Giveaway Eshmoon Valentine

In collaboration with Eshmoon, I’m giving away amazing Valentine’s Day chocolate treats to THREE of my lucky readers!

To enter the giveaway competition, all you have to do is click on the GIVEAWAY post on Instagram @LebanonEats and follow the simple steps to win!

  • 1st Prize: Large box containing a selection of my favourite Eshmoon products
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  • 3rd Prize: Small Special Valentine’s Day Edition Box of Ores
this competition is open to residents in Lebanon only.
Good luck & Happy Valentine’s Day <3
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Eshmoon Organics Boutique

Address: Pierre Gemmayel Street (behind Mercedes Expo), Dora

Contact: +961-1-897200 / +961-3-427795


You can also check them out on their Facebook Page and possibly catch them at Souk el Tayeb every Saturday from 9am-2pm in Beirut Souks.

If interested, Here’s a sample list of Where You Can Find Eshmoon Products:
  • Souk el Tayeb every Saturday – Beirut Souks
  • A New Earth Store – Achrafieh
  • Beit El Soha – Hotel Dieu Achrafieh
  • Al Marej – Achrafieh
  • Bioland – Achrafieh
  • The Olive Tree – Sodeco
  • Derma Pro – Saifi Downtown Beirut
  • The Healthy Basket – Hamra
  • Rita’s Shop – Hamra
  • Marqet – Qraytem
  • Nature at Home – Hazmieh
  • Cosy Food – Beit Meri
  • Beytouti – Brumana
  • Le Coin Organic – Dekweneh
  • Nature at Home – Sin el Fil (delivery available)
  • Live Organic – Naccache and Achrafieh
  • Go Light – Kaslik
  • Verger de Marie – Zouk

Tell me what you think!