Eat Diet Club: My 4-Week Weight Loss Program

Trying to get back on track, but lacking motivation or can’t seem to get it right? Trying to get rid of those stubborn love handles? You decide to start on Monday, then you mess up so you think to yourself “Well, this week’s ruined, next Monday it is!” Been there, done that, and enough is enough.

Because of my food passion (okay, obsession) and the fact that I love to try new things, the scale has just been going up and up and up… And once you pass a few added kilos, you think “Okay, another kilo won’t make a difference”, so you just keep messing up.

And then you start blaming your mom for shrinking your jeans in the dryer.

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Don’t blame your mom, she loves you. If anything, she would probably go buy you a bigger size of those same jeans so you won’t notice you’ve gained weight because “mashalla” your body is so beautiful and perfect for child-bearing (guys, this comment is for my female audience just in case you haven’t noticed you don’t have ovaries).

So where was I? Diet.

Yes, so I decided it was time to stop the overindulging and stop waiting for the next Monday and signed up for a month of packages with Eat Diet Club.

You know how diet-skeptics believe that diet means no food? Ha! On the contrary, to lose weight, you need to EAT! Hence the name, “EAT! Diet Club”.

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My First Consultation at Eat Diet Club

I went for my first consultation with the lovely Zena Wehbe, owner and award-winning head dietitian at Eat Diet Club, in their new office in Hamra.

We talked about my goals, eating habits, medical background…Usually Zena asks that you take a blood test before she can design your diet plan. However since I had already done a blood test a few months ago, I didn’t need to do another one. Thank God – pre-needle hysteria avoided.

Zena took my measurements and then I got to choose my first week’s menu!

My first meeting with Zena made me feel confident, motivated, and at ease due to her wonderful personality.

4 Weeks of Meals from Eat Diet Club

One major stigma related to carbohydrates is that when consumed in excess, they are stored as fat; therefore, in the eyes of many dieters, carbohydrates equal fat so they need to be omitted from our diet.

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However, that’s not entirely true. You CAN have carbohydrates AND lose weight by limiting your calorie intake. Anything you eat in excess is stored as fat; carbs, protein, and fats. You just need to find the balance.

On the Eat Diet Club program, I ate the most carbs I’ve ever had on a diet in my life! I was shocked when I would get pizza for dinner or God forbid a sandwich! Bread at night?! Maybe they switched my order with someone else’s?

Love Food GIF

Well, it worked for me.

The food was DELICIOUS and I never felt like I was on a diet! Well, maybe the first few days, since my stomach was still getting used to the smaller portions vs. my previous not-so-balanced diet consisting of pre-appetizers, main appetizers, main dishes, secondary mains, and dessert (with an “s”) every time I eat out.

Eat Diet Club offers a perfect balance between Lebanese heartwarming homemade dishes such as Mloukhieh and Kebbe Bel Sayniyeh AND international favourites such as Spaghetti Bolognaise and Indian Butter Chicken. The journey to health is enjoyable and satisfies all preferences and different tastes.

Eat Diet Club Package Collage Meals

Oh, and with Eat Diet Club, I got to indulge in dessert EVERY DAY! 

Eat Diet Club Dessert Collage Snack

Here are some snapshots from my dangerously delicious daily menus:

Eat Diet Club Package Unwrapped

Burger Eat Diet Club Meal

Eat Diet Club Lebanon Weight Loss

Eat Diet Club Meal Spaghetti Meatballs

Eat Diet Club Healthy Pancake Breakfast

You can also check out more of my yummy meals on my Instagram account, @cen03fit.

My Results after 4 weeks!

I’m super happy with my results after being on the Eat Diet Club program for only 4 weeks: 3.5kg with 7cm off my waist, 2.5cm off my hips, and 0.5cm off my upper arm (it wasn’t that big to begin with).



Surprise Surprise, Now’s Your Chance to Win with Eat Diet Club!

Giveaway eat diet club

You too can lose weight with Eat Diet Club 😉 You didn’t think I wasn’t going to share some of these wonderful results with you, did you?

In collaboration with Eat Diet Club, I’m giving away 5-day lunch packages to THREE of my lucky readers!

To enter this giveaway to win these awesome and delicious Eat Diet Club packages, head over to @LebanonEats on Instagram and follow the simple steps on the “GIVEAWAY” post!

THIS COMPETITION IS OPEN TO RESIDENTS IN Central BEIRUT ONLY as they unfortunately cannot deliver outside beirut area.
GOOD LUCK & HAPPY Healthy Eating <3


eat diet club

Address: 2nd floor, Serhal building, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon

Contact: +961-3-008664


For more information or to book your initial consultation, call +961-3-008664! You can also check out their Website and Facebook Page.

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