Brunch and Cake: In Grandmothers We Trust

“Salad for breakfast? Pancakes for dinner? Here anything is possible.” – Brunch and Cake.

Brunch and Cake isn’t your quintessential traditional brunch; it’s brunch on a higher (and more beautiful) scale. This modern restaurant-café in Barcelona serves healthy comfort food for brunch – all day!

T and I visited Brunch and Cake by the Sea on Day 1, and then we visited their other branch near University of Barcelona a few days later. Both venues were cozy and bright, giving off positive vibes. The smell of freshly brewed coffee on our second morning visit was enough to wake us up without even a sip!

Brunch all day, huge portions, and healthy yummy food, Brunch and Cake is the ideal spot to relax, hang out and meet up with friends – oh, and take pictures of your beautiful food and post them on social media 😉 #brunchgoals.

Visit #1 – Brunch and Cake by the Sea

Brunch and Cake Barcelona Interior

On our first visit, the place was deserted. To be fair, we arrived at around 6pm for a really late lunch. Our waiter took a while to get to our table, but by the time he arrived, we didn’t really feel the need to inquire about some of the dishes and ingredients. We just wanted food.

T ordered Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon on a sweet toasted waffle topped with an eerie green Hollandaise sauce (€11.90); it’s served on a metal shovel blade with side salad. Yes, you read that right – it comes with salad.

Call me traditional, but I wasn’t a fan of the sweet waffle and egg combination; it was a bit weird. T seemed to think so as well. The Hollandaise sauce, although it looks a bit off-putting, was very tasty.

Brunch and Cake Barcelona Eggs Benedict

I ordered the Supersandwich (€9.90); chicken, chipotle mayo (not spicy), guacamole and loads of nachos, and an extra shot of guacamole – in a syringe! – all stuffed inside a beautiful soft sweet brioche bread. This sandwich was HUGE (hence the name “super” sandwich). Please, just look at the picture. I’ll post two, because a) I want you to look at the sandwich, and b) I couldn’t decide which picture I liked more, so here you go:

Brunch and Cake Barcelona Supersandwich Aerial

Brunch and Cake Barcelona Supersandwich

Visit #2 – Brunch and Cake

We went back to Brunch and Cake a few days later, but this time for breakfast at their other branch on Carrer d’Enric Granados.

It was full when we arrived at around 9:30am, so we waited to be seated (roughly a 10-minute wait). Had we arrived only 10 minutes later than we did, the wait in queue would have been about 30 minutes! Phew.

I didn’t like this branch simply because it seemed smaller than the one by the sea and we both felt like we had to eat in a rush, because so many people were waiting to be seated.

T ordered the Acai Bowl (€8.40) served with fresh fruits, shredded coconut, and granola. The presentation was beautiful, however it had a very strange stringy ice consistency that wasn’t too pleasant. We both preferred the Acai Bowl from Flax and Kale Barcelona, and actually ordered it there twice!

Brunch and Cake Barcelona Acai Bowl

I had the gluten-free, sugar-free Ricotta and Oat Pancake with banana, seeds, and berries, topped with maple syrup (€6.90). It was too pretty to eat, but I gave in and it was super delicious!

Brunch and Cake Barcelona Pancake

To share, we ordered the Healthy and Nutritious Baked Carrot Cake Doughnut paired with Acai yogurt and lots of fruit, and it’s served on a freakin’ watermelon! With a syringe! Original much? The frosting is life – super delicious, plus it isn’t sugar-ridden! It was a bit heavy though, so we’re glad we got it to share!

This oversized cake / doughnut thing on a watermelon comes to a whopping total of €6.90, which translates to roughly USD 8.

Brunch and Cake Barcelona Carrotcake 2

Final Verdict?

Sometimes, all you need is a little comfort food.

Brunch and Cake in Barcelona is definitely a star brunch location in the tasty yet healthy food department. It’s very popular and there’s almost always a long line at meal times – for good reason too.

Prices are very fair and the portions are super generous; apart from the Eggs Benedict, I found that serving to be a bit on the smaller side.

I cannot recommend the Supersandwich enough! I also loved their Ricotta and Oat Pancake and their gigantic Carrot Cake Doughnut (that frosting though). If you are two people, order two items. Trust me, the plates are enormous and very filling. Oh, and come before 10am!

If you are visiting Barcelona for a short period, you need to try Brunch and Cake at least once – I wish we were here for longer so that we could visit again to try more items from their cake selection!

Brunch and Cake Pancake Aerial Barcelona


“At Brunch and Cake every dish on the menu is carefully put together by Manex Susaeta, who works according to the philosophy of many Grandmothers: ‘Make absolutely everything by hand and slowly, with care. Be honest and use the best possible ingredients’. This philosophy results in healthy and original ingredients, colorful presentations and an explosion of taste!” – Brunch and Cake.

Brunch and Cake by the Sea

Address: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 5, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Contact: +34 932 00 28 72


Brunch and Cake

Address: Carrer d’Enric Granados, 19, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Contact: +34 932 37 87 65


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