The Best Breakfast(s) at Flax and Kale Barcelona

“Eat better, be happier, live longer.” – Teresa Carles, Flax and Kale Barcelona

You’re probably gonna want to book your next flight to Barcelona after reading this – you’ve been warned.

A Barcelona favourite, located in Raval, Flax and Kale, a healthy flexitarian restaurant started by Teresa Carles, is a sanctuary of high-quality ingredients, gorgeous-looking feel-good food, and the most amazing breakfast we had during our stay – two breakfasts and a brunch to be exact.

80% plant-based, 20% oily fish, and 100% delicious, a vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian menu awaits you behind those glass doors including raw dishes, cold-pressed juices, healthy cakes, and more!

Barcelona Vegan Croissants Flax and Kale
Vegan Croissants at Flax and Kale Barcelona

Flax and Kale is conveniently situated next to the University of Barcelona, and a few minutes walking distance from Plaça de Catalunya and popular landmarks including Casa Batlló and Casa Mila.

The interior is beautiful, filled with open space, green plants, and bright sunlight coming from the tall glass windows. Once you enter, you’re greeted by a massive royal blue fridge covering the entire wall, full of colourful cold-pressed juices and smoothies to go.

Flax and Kale in Barcelona Interior
The spacious interior of Flax and Kale Barcelona
The menu is available in Spanish and English, which I admit was rather helpful.

I loved the menu composition; and if you turn to the last few pages, you can check out the allergens table for every dish they offer.

Flax and Kale Barcelona MENU

Barcelona Flax and Kale Menu Allergens
Gluten-free, plant-based, etc. are identified on their menu.

I was excited to try Flax and Kale having heard about it before even landing in Barcelona. After trying their food, I was truly mind-blown. There wasn’t anything we tried that we didn’t like. Albeit, I do wish the majority of the frozen smoothies didn’t have banana as the main ingredient (because I am somewhat intolerant to bananas).

VISIT #1 To Flax and Kale

Our first visit to Flax and Kale was on Day 3. 

T ordered the Batido el Cubanito (5.95€), a thick chocolate shake made with coconut water, coconut milk, raw cocoa powder, frozen banana, and almonds. Unfortunately, the predominant taste in this shake was banana. So it’s great if you like bananas.

I ordered the Healthy Frappemocha (5.95€), also a very thick chocolate shake made with almond milk, cold-brewed coffee, frozen young coconut, dates, raw cocoa powder, and agave syrup. It was super delicious and definitely recommended. You could only taste a hint of coffee; it tasted like a delicious frozen chocolate milkshake. Best eaten with a spoon!

Flax and Kale Chocolate Shake
Healthy Frappemocha (5.95€)

I saw some pretty-looking superfood snacks in the fridge by the entrance and ordered a gluten-free mini Maple Glazed Dougnut (2.50€) made from almond flour. It was so good and basically tasted like a cake with donut frosting. And the best part? It’s baked, not fried.

Barcelona Flax and Kale Donut

The Avocado Toast (4.95€) was huge; a thick slice of multi-grain toast with a sumptuous nutty flavour from the whole wheat flour and toasted seeds. The avocado spread was smooth, creamy and packed with flavour – also, the mix of lemon, cayenne pepper, flax seeds, chia seeds, and salt was on-point. The perfect way to start your day on the right track!

Flax and Kale Avocado Toast

We didn’t stop here though.

I had to try the Acai Bowl (8.95€). You remember my Acai Bowl recipe during my vegan challenge? I loved the acai bowl at Flax and Kale, so much so that I also ordered it on our last visit to this lovely flexitarian restaurant!

Their Acai Bowl is topped with banana, blueberries, agave syrup, hemp seeds, goji berries and an out-of-this-world biscuit crumble (the reason I ordered it the second time). I swear that crumble was so good – and they even put more of it at the bottom of the bowl (I’m not sure if I just ruined the surprise for you, but yeah, finish your bowl!).

Flax and Kale Acai Bowl
The DECADENT Acai Bowl at Flax and Kale Barcelona

Visit #2 – Weekend Brunch at Flax and Kale

Our second visit was to try their weekend brunch. We arrived at about 1pm and the place was packed (both rooms, the roof, and the terrace!) and the waiting time was 30 minutes! Of course, we waited. And we were so happy we did.

We were seated upstairs amidst a vibrant veggie garden on the beautiful roof-top terrace featuring a lovely view of the city and cobblestone streets.

Flax and Kale Rooftop
Beautiful rooftop terrace at Flax and Kale Barcelona

I ordered the Healthy Pancakes (7.95€): 4 delicious fluffy pancake layers made of red quinoa, soya milk, free range eggs, vanilla, and olive oil, topped with blueberry soya yogurt, fresh blueberries, and maple syrup. Seriously the best pancakes I’ve ever had, and more importantly, I felt good eating them!

Flax and Kale Barcelona Pancakes
Healthy Fluffy Pancakes anyone?

T had the Healthy Eggs Royale (14€): 2 free range poached runny eggs atop 2 homemade English muffins layered with marinated salmon. Flax and Kale serves its Eggs Royale with roasted fennel, carrots, and a plant-based curry hollandaise sauce, which was different to the traditional benedict hollandaise sauce.

Flax and Kale Barcelona Eggs
Eggs Royale – Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon – i.e. YUM.

We also ordered a Crunchy Fish Taco (4€): fresh diced tuna paired with avocado chunks in a pink chipotle sauce. It was difficult to eat, because it kept falling apart. Nonetheless, it was very delicious.

Flax and Kale Tuna Fish Taco
Crunchy Tuna Fish Taco

I tried the country herbal tea infusion (2.5€), which was rather strong; it’s a rather good alternative for those who like to have a hot drink after their meal to ease digestion.

Visit #3 – Our Last Breakfast at Flax and Kale

Our third and final visit – Day 9, our last day in Barcelona, and we found ourselves coming to Flax and Kale for our trip’s final breakfast.

T wanted to try something “different” so he went with Teresa’s Apple Green Amazonia Bowl (8.95€), which had slices of apple, young coconut meat, banana, homemade almond milk, almond butter, spirulina, chlorella, a ton of deliciously creamy raw cashews, dried goji berries, honey, and bee pollen. That was a mouthful. It tasted very “green”, but T liked it.

Flax and Kale Green Bowl
Teresa’s Apple Green Amazonia Bowl (8.95€)

I ordered the Acai Bowl again. For the crumble. Now that I think about it, I should’ve ordered some more to go.

Flax and Kale Acai Bowl Amazing

We got the Chia Flax Bagel (5.95€) to share, but they ran out of bagels that day, so we replaced the bagel with that delicious multigrain toast we had with the avocado spread on our first visit. The plant-based cheddar, arugula leaves, slices of tomato, grilled tempeh, and plant-based creamy cheese were a perfect combination. I would order this again!

Flax and Kale Tempeh Vegan Sandwich

Final Verdict?

Orgasmic smoothies. An out-of-this-world affordable healthy breakfast or brunch for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, health-conscious eaters, or the curious gastronomic explorer. Flax and Kale is a must-try when in Barcelona. We never made it for lunch or dinner, because we were always out and about discovering the city. However if I ever find myself in Barcelona again (hopefully), I’ll be here. With my acai bowl and crumbly crumble.

Flax and Kale Barcelona

Address: C/ Tallers 74B (Cantonada Gravina), Placa Castella, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona

Contact: +34-933-175664

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