Afaf The Cake Lounge: Just Because… Cake

As you step inside Afaf The Cake Lounge Gemmayze, you’re met with a cozy ambiance with soothing music playing in the background. And of course, CAKE. Delicate desserts in glass domes – almost too perfect to eat. I did say “almost”.

We’re eating them, there’s no question about it!

It’s a little dark inside, so we sat near the window.

The owners, Farah and Amani, are lovely ladies. They shared with us the story of Afaf The Cake Lounge and how it came to be, as well as the ideas behind each and every intricate detail in the shop. Talk about passion! Farah, the Tattooed Chef, even painted an entire wall with her Grandmother Afaf’s portrait – stunning!

Afaf Gemmayzeh Cake Cookies Homemade Dessert

The idea behind “Just Because”, the cake lounge’s slogan? Just because I love you. Just because it’s Wednesday. Just because you’re adorable. Just because…. cake. You’re feeling the pattern?

The place makes you feel nostalgic because of the random things spread around including the metal tables (Teta Afaf’s trays), vintage mirrors, old pictures, ceramic plates and authentic silver cutlery (also Afaf’s)… You feel right at home using your grandmother’s fancy plates and cutlery that are meant for guests! Well, we are Afaf’s guests in this case, so it’s all good 😉

Afaf cake gemmayzeh hidden gem beirut

Afaf cake gemmayzeh hidden gem beirut

Afaf cake gemmayzeh hidden gem beirut

Let’s dig into the food at Afaf The Cake Lounge

The menu is very simple. Cakes (12,000 LBP), cookies (5,500 LBP), ice cream (7,000 LBP), sandwiches (9,000-12,000 LBP) and drinks (5,000-9,000 LBP) such as coffee, tea, sahlab (yum!). Alcohol is also served.

We ordered coffee and tea.

Afaf Gemmayze Cake Coffee Latte Beirut

We then tried most of the cakes and cookies that were on display that day: Lemon cake with icing / Date Cake with sticky caramel icing / Caramel Heart Cookies / Peanut Butter Cookies with a dark chocolate center / the last 2 Chocolate Chip cookies (sorry to the walk-ins that came in after us, I ate the last of the chocolate chip cookies!).

The Lemon Cake was out-of-this-world good! Actually, so were the other desserts we had <3

Afaf Just Because Tattooed Chef Lebanon

Afaf Gemmayze Lemon Cake Homemade Dessert

I don’t think you can go wrong with any cake or cookie you choose! Every item is made out of love and passion as well as flour, sugar, eggs… that sort of stuff. Seriously though, just check what’s available (every day is different) and pick your favourite flavour or something you’ve never tried before! You won’t regret it.

Afaf beirut cake peanut butter cookies

Afaf just because cake gemmayze beirut

Afaf just because cake gemmayze beirut

From the menu, we tried two savoury sandwiches: Cheese Medley and Labne & Zaatar.

Even though I usually enjoy a sweet and salty mix, the cheese sandwich (12,000 LBP) wasn’t my cup of tea because of the sweet pickled spread used as one of the ingredients. I would have preferred this one to remain completely savoury.

I liked the Labne & Zaatar (9,000 LBP) sandwich with a pronounced authentic zaatar flavour.

Afaf sandwiches healthy beirut coffee shop

Afaf sandwiches healthy beirut coffee shop

Afaf sandwiches healthy beirut coffee shop

Next time I visit, I’ll try the Egg sandwich or the Peanut Butter sandwich with a spicy kick (and anything and everything on display).

I also missed out on the cheesecake when I visited! Apparently, that’s also worth a try. Let me know in case you try it before me or have tried it already!

Final Verdict?

I really recommend you pay Afaf Cake Lounge a visit and I personally look forward to visiting again!

A little birdie told me breakfast trays are coming soon. So (apart from the cheesecake, egg sandwich and other desserts) that’s another reason to come back ASAP.

Before we reluctantly left the shop, we left a note #JustBecause (fill in the gap) ___________. Try to find mine, and don’t forget to also leave your own mark on this beautiful territory that is Afaf The Cake Lounge.

Thank you Afaf Cake Lounge for your love and hospitality.

Afaf Just Because Lebanon Eats Blogger


Afaf The Cake Lounge

Address: Youssef Al Hayek Street, Gemmayze, Beirut District

Contact: +961-71-670767

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 10am-10pm / Fri-Sat 11am-12am / Sun 12pm-10pm


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