Celebrate World Mankousheh Day With Zaatar W Zeit! + WIN 100$

Lebanon. The ultimate breakfast nation, from eggs to all sorts of cheeses to labneh to knefeh and so much more, but most importantly… mankousheh, the most beloved traditional Lebanese breakfast.

Celebrating World Mankousheh Day with Zaatar w Zeit!

November 2nd marks World Mankousheh Day thanks to the team behind Zaatar w Zeit who created the national food holiday in 2017 to celebrate and honour our traditional Lebanese breakfast pie! And we are more than happy to oblige, right? 😉

World Mankousheh Day Bunny Lebanoneats Blogger
Remember this photo? That’s me in my favourite bunny hoodie enjoying mankousheh from Zaatar w Zeit last year!

Zaatar w Zeit’s first branch opened around 20 years ago and continues to expand locally and internationally on a yearly basis!

Who remembers their first mankousheh zaatar from Zaatar w Zeit? The fluffy warm dough, the high-quality zaatar, the oil… What’s not to love?

World Mankousheh Day Zaatar Mankoushe Manakish

I received a special breakfast delivery from Zaatar w Zeit in celebration of World Mankousheh Day just like last year! Love you guys <3

World Mankousheh Day Zaatar w Zeit

Additionally, Zaatar w Zeit will be distributing Manakish to Food Blessed, an NGO that tackles food poverty in Lebanon as well as raises awareness about food waste. Last year, over 2,100 manakish were distributed!

So don’t forget to share a photo of your Mankousheh today (because after reading this, you’re craving one, I know) and make sure to hashtag #WorldMankoushehDay on Instagram to be featured in the annual celebration’s social media archives!

You can help make World Mankousheh Day official by signing this petition!




Here’s an additional surprise for you, Traveling with Thymers and Instagram followers:

Go to this post on Instagram @Lebanoneats and follow the easy steps to WIN 100$ from Zaatar w Zeit to spend on their yummy goodies 🙂 By the way, you don’t need to spend them all at once! You can use this 100$ voucher on multiple orders – YAY!



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It’s an important day for all food lovers in Lebanon so let’s celebrate with a warm mankousheh today!

Lebanese breakfast mankousheh zaatar foodie

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  1. Man2oushe is an important part of our Lebanese culture so it is a must to celebrate this day + man2oushe brings happiness 😍 love the article!

  2. I love man2ouché spcial man2ouché zaatar w zeit… hope to win
    Thanks zaatarwzeit for this great competition

  3. A mankouche is a traveling with thyme. In the old days, women would prepare zaatar from dried thyme, sesame, and sumac, and spread it on bread while it is baking on the saj oven.Aside from the ease of preparation, it became so widespread because of its low cost.France has its croissants, the United States have their pancakes, and Lebanon has its manakish 🇱🇧😊❤️

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