Felicie Beirut: Classic And Not-So-Classic French Bistro Dishes You’ll Love!

Brittany meets Beirut in this newly opened French bistro and épicerie right in the heart of Mar Mikhael, Lebanon.

Felicie Beirut is truly one of a kind!

T and I stopped by for lunch (twice!) and were left with huge smiles on our faces – and not to mention, full bellies.

Delicious food in a chic and friendly atmosphere, what’s not to love?

Felicie Beirut French Eatery Bistro Restaurant

Felicie Beirut French Eatery Bistro Restaurant

“Le Perchoir” is also a cool spot to sit in if you’d like more privacy (or people watch from above).

Felicie Beirut French Eatery Bistro Restaurant

Felicie Beirut French Eatery Bistro Restaurant

Felicie Beirut also packed some of the finest delicatessens straight from France! Find them in her épicerie.

Felicie Beirut Epicerie French Imported Products

Felicie Beirut Epicerie French Imported Products

Don’t leave without trying their signature cider cocktails or have some cider straight from the bottle! They’re delicious, low calorie and low in alcohol content, making them perfect for lunch.

Felicie Beirut Epicerie Sassy Cider

Let’s have lunch at Felicie Beirut!

Felicie Restaurant Bread Butter Beirut

The charming French restaurant offers an impressive range of French authentic dishes including the famous crispy oh-so-divine Brittany galettes (crepes) made from buckwheat.

Normally when you think of crepe, you imagine chocolate! However, the French also enjoy eating savory crepes, also referred to as galettes.

A regional speciality of Brittany, galettes are made using buckwheat flour, which gives the crepe a nutty flavor! These galettes can be filled with almost anything!

Okay I’ll stop teasing you, here’s a photo:

Here’s another:

Crepe Galette Bretonne Felicie Beirut Lebanoneats

My favourite is the “La Magnifique Libanaise”: goat cheese, candied onions and grapes paired with delicious fig jam!

Felicie Beirut Crepe Galette Bretonne Lebanon

Okay, I’ll stop now. Let’s look at something else: La Planche des Indécis (The Indecisive Board)

A selection of cheeses and charcuterie, this board is the perfect choice for when you’re not exactly sure what you want (cheese or charcuterie)! Felicie Beirut will give you a fine gourmet selection that you’ll love. At least we enjoyed it – the perfect dish for the coming cold months, paired with a bottle of red wine. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the heat wave to fade away. I’m just not too fond of turning the clocks forward…

Felicie French Restaurant Beirut Charcuterie Board

Also made with buckwheat, the Goat Cheese Salad at Felicie Beirut is innovative and different from the rest around the city (and the country for that matter!).

Felicie French Eatery Beirut Goat cheese

Felicie Restaurant Cheese Board Christina Naim

T and I shared the Filet de Boeuf Australien and “Ze Burger!”

Felicie Steak Beirut Mar Mikhael Restaurant

Felicie Zomato Beirut Mar Mikhael Restaurant

The burger at Felicie Beirut is a delight, featuring two different kinds of cheese. Delicious and juicy!

 Felicie Beirut Burger Cheese Gourmet Lebanon

Beirut Lebanese Food Blogger Zomato Influencer

Time for dessert…

So how about a buttery layered French specialty dessert: The Kouign-Amann?

Felicie Beirut were actually the first to introduce this beautiful caramelized Breton specialty to Lebanon! With layers of puff pastry, caramelized sugar and more than a little bit of butter, this dessert is worth every calorie.

Felicie Restaurant Dessert Kouign Amann Beirut

Perhaps a sweet crepe: La Felicie?

This Crêpe Aumônière is dressed with caramelized apples, salted butter caramel (made by Felicie Beirut), almonds and hazelnuts, and served with a creamy vanilla ice cream.

Felicie Beirut Crepe Galette Dessert Lebanon

Chocolate Fondant with a caramel center then?

Felicie Beirut Dessert Lebanon Fondant

Keep in mind that their menu is only temporary, so let’s be gentle and give this new gem from Brittany a warm welcome to the Beirut neighbourhood 😉

Felicie Beirut Crepe Dessert Lebanon Eats

Final Verdict?

Cozy and friendly ambiance paired with delicious French dishes – highly recommended! Next time, I want to try the “BA ba ba ba babybel!” featuring mini fried babybels in a tomato basilic sauce – YUM!

Thank you Felicie Beirut for your kind hospitality.

Beirut Lebanese Food Blogger Zomato Influencer (1)

Note: I didn’t include any prices in this review as I usually do because 1) the menu is still temporary and 2) you can find it on Zomato 😉

Felicie Beirut French Eatery Bistro Restaurant


Felicie Beirut

Address: AYA Tower, Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut District

Contact: +961-81-366900


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