The Grand Sofar Hotel: This Hauntingly Beautiful Art Exhbition By Tom Young Will Give You Chills

The village of Sawfar (Sofar / Saoufar) was once a stop on the railway track from Beirut to Rayyak in the 19th century. Due to its location and natural environment with scenic views over Hammana valley, Sawfar became the perfect summer getaway for Beirut’s upper middle class.

The Grand Sofar Hotel, built in the 1890s by the Sursock family, was one of the most famous hotels in Lebanon – no, in the Middle East! It also housed the first casino in Lebanon.

This luxury hotel was no exception to the Beirut elite’s summer escape and even lured kings, emirs, political figures, socialites and artists from around the world. Conveniently, it was located right opposite the train station, making it the perfect stopover.

Lebanon Tom Young Grand Sofar Hotel

Unfortunately, The Grand Sofar Hotel was destroyed and looted due to the Lebanese civil war of 1975. Currently under the care of Roderick Sursock Cochrane, one of its owners and a direct descendant of Alfred Moussa Sursock, this majestic hotel is under restoration as an art and reception venue, finally re-opening its doors to the public. Hopefully, the estate will become a permanent cultural landmark.

Grand Sofar Hotel Art Exhibition Lebanon

The Grand Sofar Hotel stands today like an abandoned, yet majestic mansion right out of a fairy tale – making it the perfect venue for Beirut-based British artist, Tom Young, to exhibit his latest exhibition entitled “The Grand Sofar Hotel” featuring 40 inspired artworks on canvas.

Young is well known for his paintings portraying Lebanon’s old and abandoned heritage sites (notably the Maison Rose in Beirut from Nov 2014-Jan 2015).

He preserves and brings to life Lebanon’s traditions, architecture, history and beauty through his artworks showing impeccable attention to detail and emotion, recreating lost moments and memories.

“Reclaiming something that has been lost has always been part of [his] experience with Lebanon” – Tom Young

Grand Sofar Hotel Train Station Lebanon

The Grand Sofar Hotel Exhibition

Under the patronage of the heirs of Alfred Moussa Sursock and Michel Ibrahim Sursock, curated by Noor Haydar, The Grand Sofar Hotel Tom Young exhibition is truly unmissable.

In fact, Young’s paintings are inspired by stories of the hotel, memories frozen in time, and even postcards, letters and other objects they found rifling through the many rooms.

Grand Sofar Hotel Lebanon Tom Young

Grand Sofar Hotel Tom Young Key
One of my favourite paintings

Even items that were salvaged from the hotel are being showcased and highlighted.

Old Piano Skeleton War Lebanon Hotel

I personally fell in love with the entire ambiance of The Grand Sofar Hotel exhibition. I got chills upon entering the building and was sincerely overwhelmed by the emotion that lingered around every piece of art.

It’s wonderful for many different generations to also experience and value history through art. Thank you for conserving and reviving endangered cultural sites across the country that hold so much of Lebanon’s heritage.

Grand Sofar Hotel Stairs Tom Young

Here are some more photos I shot at The Grand Sofar Hotel exhibition:

Grand Sofar Hotel Lebanon Tom Young

End of the line so far

Grand Sofar Hotel Lebanon Tom Young

Grand Sawfar Hotel Lebanon Kitchen Destroyed
The kitchen

Grand Sawfar Hotel Lebanon Kitchen Tea

Grand Sofar Hotel Lebanon Tom Young
This one looks straight out of a horror movie…

Roderick Sursock Cochrane Grand Sofar Hotel

Grand Sofar Hotel Travel Lebanon Train

Grand Sawfar Hotel Lebanon Postcard Painting

Grand Sofar Hotel Old Letters Postcard

Grand Sofar Hotel Antiques Lebanon War

Lebanese village traditional sofar hotel saoufar

Tom Young Lebanon Art Gallery Painting

Grand Sofar Hotel Tom Young Painting

Grand Sofar Hotel Lebanon Tom Young

The Grand Sofar Hotel Tom Young Art Exhibition Schedule:
  • September 16 (Sunday): Opening
  • September 29 (Saturday): Story-telling by Cliffhangers
  • October 7 (Sunday): Film screening
  • October 14 (Sunday): Closing party ft. Beirut Groove Collective

For more details, check out the website here.

The art exhibition is open until October 14, from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays).

Grand Sofar Hotel Tom Young Lebanon


The Grand Sofar Hotel, Lebanon

Address: Ain, Saoufar

Contact: +961-81-369250 (Noor Haydar – Art Curator)


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