Enab Beirut Byblos: Delicious Traditional Lebanese Cuisine in Jbeil

I love Jbeil. The old Mediterranean city’s vibes, serenity, beauty, and authenticity keep me coming back for years.

Jbeil (also known as Byblos) hosts the noteworthy archaeological site featuring Phoenician, Roman, and Crusader ruins, in between old souks boasting with colour and positive vibes.

In the past year or so, many new establishments are popping up in this beautiful city. In my opinion, Jbeil did need some new restaurant choices other than the tourist traps polluting the center.

Enab Beirut Byblos opens in the heart of Jbeil

T and I were pleased to discover Enab Beirut Byblos in Jbeil over the summer.

The parking is very convenient; you can park your car yourself right in front of the restaurant or use valet services.

Notice that Enab Beirut Byblos has a beautifully decorated spacious indoor set-up and outdoor terrace as well as comfortable seating, making you want to chill for hours. And during/after a full-on Lebanese meal, super comfy seats are very necessary! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Enab Beirut Byblos Lebanese Restaurant Arguileh

Enab Beirut Byblos Lebanese Restaurant Jbeil

As soon as we’re seated, our waitress hands us the menus. After taking our order, complimentary carrots, nuts, and turmos (lupin beans) are placed in front of us.

We ordered some of our standard Lebanese mezza favourites as well as other things to try in order to taste a selection of dishes.

Our selection includes vegan, vegetarian, and meat-based Lebanese dishes. All dishes at Enab Beirut Byblos are cooked preserving local tradition and authenticity.

You can find things like Batata w Bayd (eggs and potato), which is a Lebanese household favourite and a staple in most homes, as well as Mdardara (lentils and rice with caramelized onions), the most basic (and very tasty) dish you’ll find at every Lebanese home quite frequently! These authentic Lebanese dishes are rarely found in typical Lebanese restaurants. 

Starting with cold mezza at Enab Beirut Byblos

The Kebbet Batata at Enab Beirut is delicious. The hummus too. Hummus can make or break a Lebanese restaurant. It was very good, especially with that piping hot freshly baked bread your server offers you every 5 minutes!

Enab Beirut Jbeil Lebanese food mezza

Enab Beirut Byblos Hummus Lebanese mezza

Enab Beirut Byblos Jbeil Lebanese food

Ask for the Fattoush to be chopped finely for a new and different experience; this way you get every delicious ingredient in one bite! Also, extra debes remmen (pomegranate molasses) is a must.

Mhammara and Raheb (smoked eggplant) are two of our favourite Lebanese mezza dishes, so we ordered them here too.

Don’t forget Labne with garlic! Don’t worry, no one’s gonna be able to move after lunch, let alone approach you!

Enab Beirut Jbeil Lebanese food mezza

Enab Byblos Tabbouleh Mezza Lebanese

Enab Byblos Shanklish Mezza Lebanese

Enab Jbeil Lebanese restaurant baladi cheese

Now for hot mezza

Batata Harra is always a must at any Lebanese restaurant we visit, and this one didn’t disappoint ๐Ÿ˜‰

Enab Beirut Byblos Batata Lebanese cuisine

Enab Beirut Batata Lebanese food blogger

An absolute delight were the Basterma cheese rolls at Enab Beirut Byblos. The plain cheese version was equally yummy! It’s a staple hot mezza item in my book ๐Ÿ˜‰

Enab Beirut Jbeil Cheese Batata Lebanon

Enab Lebanese Mezza Fried Cheese Rolls

Soujouk and Mkanek are usually found at the mezza table, however, I’m not (and never will be) a fan. You should try it at least once though.

Enab Beirut Byblos Lebanese cuisine soujouk

Enab Beirut Byblos also offers things like Lamb Tongue, Marinated Birds, Toasted Kafta Sandwiches etc. that are Lebanese specialties.

Enab Beirut Jbeil Lebanese Yogurt Kafta

Enab Beirut Byblos Jbeil Lebanese kebbe

Enab Restaurant Chicken Wings Lebanese Kezebra

Enab Beirut Jbeil Kebbe Batata Lebanon

We skipped the main grills because, to be honest, we were quite full and wanted to save room for dessert.

Dessert anyone?

Lebanese desserts like Aichet el Saraya, Ashta Ice Cream, and more are available to order. The selection we had was remarkably good; not too heavy with just enough sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Enab Beirut Jbeil Mafrouke Pistachio Lebanese
They really need to rethink the design!

I recommend the strange-looking yet delicious Pistachio Mafroukeh (pictured above). Pair that with traditional coffee or even a soothing “white coffee”, which is basically warm water and orange blossom water.

Enab Beirut Byblos Coffee Dessert Lebanese

Final Verdict?

Enab Beirut Byblos is always a good choice to satisfy your Lebanese food cravings. The restaurant offers a wide variety of traditional homemade Lebanese dishes – no twists here people! Not to mention, it’s also perfect for all ages and occasions. i.e. romantic dinner, birthday, family lunch, casual date…

If you’re looking for a fair-priced (i.e. not affected by tourist trap) Lebanese restaurant in the heart of Jbeil, Enab Beirut Byblos comes highly recommended.

Sample Itinerary in Jbeil

Start your day at the archaeological site ruins, and then re-fuel with lunch at Enab Beirut Byblos. After your meal, go for a walk around the old town on the cobbled streets and by the port. It’s truly a unique and beautiful experience.

Jbeil Byblos Lebanon Crusader Castle Ruins

Lebanese Travel Blogger Byblos Lebanon Ruins

Jbeil Byblos Lebanon Crusader Castle Ruins

Jbeil Byblos Lebanon Old Souks Nightlife


Enab Beirut Byblos

Address: Joseph Hawat Street, Jbeil, Lebanon

Contact: +961-81-775411


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