Fin Faim: My favourite cozy French Bistro in Jbeil is back!

Fin Faim in Jbeil was one of the first restaurants T took me to when we started dating 3 years ago. So it goes without saying that we have great memories in this cozy French bistro.

Fin Faim French Bistro has just come back from the dead after its renovation and drastic (very necessary) menu changes.

Fin Faim serves authentic French cuisine with some dishes of Mediterranean influence.

The restaurant is beautiful inside. Stone walls, flickering candles on every table, and somewhat maze-like, leading to a wine cave at the very end of the restaurant.

The cozy French bistro offers a fantastic local and imported wine selection. Visit their small chilled cave, select your wine with the help of your server. Wine at Fin Faim is conveniently sold at retail price + 15$ service fee, which I found very fair. You can even buy your favourite wine bottle to-go (of course, minus the service fee).

Fin Faim Bistro Jbeil Wine Cave

Fin Faim Bistro Jbeil Wine Cave

A romantic date with T at Fin Faim French Bistro Jbeil

Our dinner started with wine, along with fresh warm bread baked in-house, olives, and butter. I steered clear to save room for food.

Fin Faim French Bistro Jbeil Romantic

We shared a goat cheese salad (22,500 LBP) and bacon-wrapped bites of figs stuffed with goat cheese (14,500 LBP). I loved both dishes and would order them again and recommend them. Although, the latter was remarkable, it was a tad expensive for 5 mouth-watering delectable bites.

Fin Faim French Jbeil Romantic Dinner

Fin Faim Jbeil Romantic Fig Bacon

My main course was the Boeuf Bourguignon (36,500 LBP), tender fatty beef with red Burgundy wine with mushrooms and carrots, atop cumin steamed rice. It was good, however, the wine-based sauce was a bit strong. 

French Cuisine Boeuf Bourguignon Jbeil Romantic

T had the Steak with fries (34,000 LBP for 180g) served with mushroom sauce. The steak was perfectly tender and pink on the inside as he requested. I enjoyed (eating most of) T’s dish!

Fin Faim Steak Frites Lebanon Jbeil

Time for something sweet!

For dessert, we would have liked to have Tarte Tatin, but it wasn’t available that evening. We ordered the Pain Perdu (14,500 LBP) and Crème Brûlée (12,000 LBP).

The Pain Perdu at Fin Faim is apparently soaked for 6 hours before grilling, however, it was too soggy to my taste. The flavours were on-point; it’s the texture that put me off. The Crème Brûlée was presented as the largest portion I’ve ever witnessed regarding this dessert. Delicious? Yes, it was indeed!

Fin Faim Jbeil Lebanon Pain Perdu

Final Verdict?

I’m glad my favourite cozy spot which holds romantic memories has re-opened, offering delicious French cuisine. With a great selection of wine to choose from, we can discover new favourites as we chat away over an exquisite dinner at Fin Faim French Bistro.

The setting is, well, intimate. However, Fin Faim is perfect for friends and family too!

Hospitality remains excellent as it always was; we felt very welcome by our hostess and servers. It was as if we were having dinner at home.

I wish the Abi Saab brothers, Richard and Bernard, who we had the pleasure of meeting that evening, the best of luck! As for us, we will be back.

“C’est la fin de la faim” – Joseph Abi Saab

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Fin Faim French Bistro

Address: Saint Charbel Crossroad, Voie 13, Jbeil, Jbeil District

Contact: +961-9-550055


For opening hours, check out Fin Faim French Bistro on Facebook or Fin Faim French Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Note: There’s only valet parking available.

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