Bites of Delight: Gluten Free Snacks in Lebanon [Product Review]

Hello fellow humans! So for those of you who are living in Lebanon (for those of you who aren’t, I’m sorry), I’ve got a healthy food product that I love that I’d like to share with you!

Bites of Delight is a Lebanese company that offers lactose free, gluten free, preservative free, everything-free, vegan biscuits (and now cakes) – and they’re good! They don’t taste like earth, guys. They taste delicious and like snacks you’d voluntarily put in your mouth!

Most gluten-free products in the Lebanese market are imported, so why not go local?

Bites of Delight Vegan Cookies Lebanon
Bites of Delight products found at Spinneys Supermarket

So here’s my personal review of Bites of Delight full range of products:

To name a few, the main ingredients used in Bites of Delight products include Adzuki beans (improves digestion and aids in weight loss), buckwheat (controls blood sugar), and coconut oil (helps you burn fat and much more). As you notice, the ingredients involved in the baking process are considered healthy and nutritious.

Bites of Delight: The Biscuits

Starting with the Bites of Delight product that started it all: the biscuit.

A wide variety of biscuits are available to choose from: Cranberry, anise, vanilla, and chocolate. The consistency of the range of biscuits is usually crunchy if the box hasn’t been exposed to humidity.

The biscuit that tastes the most like a biscuit is the Cranberry flavour. It has the perfect consistency and is the crunchiest of them all (this could be because it’s thinner than the rest).

Bites of Delight Cranberry biscuits

The anise flavoured biscuits are very delicious and are a great gluten-free replacement of our beloved Lebanese Kaak Yansoun (well, almost, but not really, but they’re gluten free and they’re 20 calories each so suck it up!).

Bites of Delight Gluten Anise biscuits

The vanilla flavoured biscuits are my least favourite in terms of texture and taste. They’re very light but the issue is that they’re too thick. If the consistency was like that of the cranberry, they’d be at the top of my list.

Bites of Delight Vanilla Cookies biscuit

The chocolate biscuits have a strong taste of molasses, so if you’re not a fan, you may not like this particular flavour. I, however, love molasses. So this biscuit and I easily became friends. Not to mention, the biscuits are only around 20 calories each. You’ll stop at 4 since they’re very filling.

Bites of Delight Vegan Chocolate biscuits

Price per box: 7,500 LBP

Calories: 4-5 biscuits for 80 calories (~20 calories per biscuit)

Bites of Delight: The Sticks

Similar to the biscuits, the sticks come in a plastic container. I don’t like the packaging because it easily lets in humidity which ruins the consistency of the product.

At the moment, there are two flavours available: Thyme and Olive. I like them both as is or with thick creamy labne.

Sticks Thyme Bites of Delight Lebanese

Sticks Olive Bites of Delight Lebanese

Price per box: 7,500 LBP

Calories: 8 sticks for 75 calories (~10 calories per stick)

Bites of Delight: The Crackers

The Bites of Delight Crackers are my favourite of the entire product range. They are perfectly crunchy since they’re toasted and the zip-lock packaging is suitable to keep humidity out. My most preferred flavour is the coffee, followed by anything with molasses. The cinnamon are my least favourite because the cinnamon is intense. I’m not a big fan of cinnamon unless it’s in apple pie. On another note, if you’re reading this and you’re not on a diet, check out my apple crumble pie with salted caramel recipe made from scratch (involves vanilla ice cream and homemade caramel!).

crackers bites of delight lebanon gluten

Price per box: 3,500 LBP

Calories: 30g for 75 calories (whole bag for ~200 calories)

Bites of Delight: The Cakes

The newest Bites of Delight product to join the family is the gluten-free cake mixes. There are two available: chocolate and vanilla. The cakes aren’t vegan though as you need to add 4 eggs to the mix.

Chocolate’s up first, of course.

So I have a feeling that the baking temperature is rather hot for baking cake/cupcakes since I do bake in general. Nevertheless, I followed instructions. My cupcakes burnt and turned out like rocks. I think they made a good weapon. I tried the center, which was still somewhat edible, but it wasn’t sweet. The chocolate cupcakes tasted like diet products, so I personally didn’t like this particular flavour.

Now, let’s go for the vanilla option. This time, I put the baking temperature to 180 degrees Celsius like I usually do for my baking. My cake didn’t burn, and tastes much better than the chocolate. It doesn’t rise much though, so it’s a pretty disappointing 80-calorie slice. I wouldn’t buy this cake mix again unless a modified recipe is released.

Bites of Delight Gluten Lactose Cake

Price per Cake Mix: 3,500 LBP

Calories: 80 calories per serving

Final Verdict?

Once you open the packaging, the biscuits, sticks, and crackers don’t last long. It’s like when you open a box of cereal or any pack of biscuits really – they become stale and let in humidity. So I would definitely recommend that you store them in an air-tight container!

As mentioned above, my favourite of the entire Bites of Delight range are the crackers, especially the coffee version. I can eat an entire bag of those in one sitting! These crackers are great for those guilty of mindless snacking like myself.

The biscuits are a great guilt-free treat with coffee or tea, and there’s a good variety available. I would love to see a coffee flavour introduced to this range.

Sticks are savoury so they’re good meal or snack with labne or cheese, or plain. I’ll wait for Bites of Delight to introduce a sweet version.

Lebanese Breakfast Lebanon Eats Manakish Mankoushe
Can you spot the savoury range at our breakfast table?
Areas of improvement:
  • Cakes need a makeover (and possibly a vegan option)
  • Packaging needs to be rethought to preserve the precious bites of delight
  • The entire range is gluten-free, healthy, and good for you
  • Affordable
  • Low calorie
  • Great for mindless snacking

Here’s where you can find Bites of Delight products:

Bites of Delight are sold at most organic shops and supermarkets, including SpinneysStorium Saliba, O&C, and Marqet. You can also find them at Saturday’s Souk el Tayeb in Beirut Souks. For more information, kindly call +961-70-487796.




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  1. I love bites of delights products, it’s affordable as you said, and yes I realized the thing about the humidity, I think they should work on it. But it will be more expensive, don’t you think??

    Thank you for this lovely article

    1. They definitely should! I’m sure the cost won’t be too high to sort out. There are loads of affordable snacks around the world with more efficient packaging. Thanks for sharing your opinion and experience 🙂

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