IHOP Lebanon: The International House of Pancakes finally lands in Choueifat!

We’re all pancake lovers here. If you aren’t, well… you can’t sit with us!

Introducing the International House of Pancakes, known worldwide as IHOP.

IHOP is the mother of pancakes. It’s a house of PANCAKES, you guys. Just in case you didn’t catch that.

But it’s not just all about pancakes. IHOP Lebanon offers burgers, sandwiches, and breakfast favourites including eggs in all forms (with steak, bacon, etc.) and waffles, often referred to as pancakes’ fitter companions.

It’s no coincidence that IHOP ’s logo has a smile – their breakfast can put a smile on anyone’s face.

A little bit about IHOP

IHOP restaurant has been putting smiles on people’s faces since 1958 when they first opened their doors in Los Angeles California, USA. Since then, IHOP has celebrated 1,650 restaurant openings in the US and worldwide.

IHOP even won an Advertising and Marketing Awareness award in 2004 for their “Come hungry. Leave happy” campaign. Hopefully this new branch at The Spot Choueifat in Lebanon can lighten us up as well. If you’re thinking “lighten” in the weight department, you’re on the wrong page.

Pancakes Galore at IHOP Lebanon at The Spot Choueifat

We were in the mood for breakfast, but it was 2pm. Pancakes it is.

Who said pancakes are just for breakfast? Breakfast dishes at IHOP are served ALL day. Yes, you can have pancakes for dinner. There’s your excuse. Just don’t tell your parents.

IHOP Lebanon Menu Pancakes Brunch Beirut

Oh and milkshakes. Which would you go for? I’m a vanilla fan myself 🙂 #teamvanilla

IHOP Lebanon Food Blog Milkshake

Of course, we had to order the Original Buttermilk Pancakes at IHOP. After all, where would they be without the original recipe?!

These original buttermilk pancakes (14,500 LBP for 5) are oh-so-fluffy and full of flavour. You can add lots of tasty toppings (additional charge) to your pancakes including raspberries, strawberries, bananas, and even ice cream! There are 4 kinds of syrup already at the table: Old Fashioned, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Butter Pecan.

By the way, order half portions so you get to try more flavours (not because you’re dieting).

IHOP Lebanon Pancakes Brunch Restaurant Buttermilk

Blueberry Pancakes (16,500 LBP) were hands down my favourite of the lot. The pancakes have a more than generous amount of blueberries in the mix, which made me love them even more. 

IHOP Lebanon Pancakes Brunch Restaurant Blueberry

Best of all, the pancakes taste nothing like the ones you make at home; they’re bigger, and much better. No offense.

We also tried IHOP waffles in two different forms:

Churros Waffles with a tasty milk chocolate dip (17,500 LBP) and the caramel-ridden lotus kind (18,500 LBP).

I somehow got a drop of strawberry sauce on my finger. Mmm…

IHOP Lebanon Waffle Churros Chocolate Dessert

IHOP Lebanon Waffle Lotus Caramel Dessert

How about a non-breakfast item then?

We ordered the IHOP Supreme Burger (17,750 LBP), because with a name like that, how can you not want to get a taste? T and I both enjoyed the burger. However, the meat seriously lacked seasoning. The fries were crunchy, and deliciously well-seasoned.

IHOP Lebanon Supreme Cheese Burger

You can now visit IHOP at their first and only branch in Lebanon at The Spot Choueifat. Come hungry.

The service needs some work. Try not to visit during peak times because you’ll have to wait a while before getting your order – and if you’re hungry, that’s not a good mix! 😉

IHOP Lebanon Dessert Pancakes Lebanese Blog

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IHOP Lebanon – The Spot Choueifat

Address: The Spot, L2, Terrace, Old Saida Road, Choueifat, Aley District

Contact: +961-1-757262


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