Hiking in Hamat: Promoting Ecotourism in Lebanon with ProMax Sports

One of the main reasons Traveling with Thyme was created was to promote tourism in the cities and countries we visit. Starting with our own!

Ecotourism (ecological tourism) has become a trending form of tourism worldwide enabling outdoor-lovers to travel and explore natural environments whilst reducing their environmental impact and supporting conservation efforts. Ecotourism greatly concentrates on personal development and involves traveling to places where nature, wildlife, and cultural heritage are the main highlights.

Why Ecotourism is a good idea in Lebanon

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon boasts clear blue skies, a moderate climate, and scenic diversified natural surroundings providing outdoor explorers, travelers and adventurers the ultimate ecotourism destination throughout the year!

Lebanon Ecotourism Nature Chekka Mountains

Ecotourism Hiking Lebanon Tourism Outdoors

Hiking is a popular and fun outdoor activity in Lebanon that adventure-lovers can engage in year-round.

Every Sunday, Promax Sports organizes a hiking trip in one area in Lebanon, joining people from diverse backgrounds and ages (and in all shapes and sizes, so you have no excuse). You get to explore different Lebanese regions’ nature and wildlife with the support of professional guides and an entire team of hikers to help keep you motivated.

Promax Sports offers many different hiking trails and programs to suit all fitness levels. Break your daily routine, get out of the house (put some pants on first!), and get to know the real Lebanon!

I’m glad I did! [Put on pants, I mean. I already knew Lebanon was awesome ;)]

Promax Sports Hamat Chekka Lebanon

What you’ll need for the hike:

Hiking shoes

Do NOT wear converse. You need proper hiking shoes. Go to Decathlon.

PROMAX Lebanon Hiking Shoes Decathlon
Proud owner of my first hiking shoes – and the cheapest in the market!
Hiking pants

Girls, do NOT wear leggings. I was covered in thorns. Don’t wear shorts either. You will encounter various species of hazardous (to me, at least) plant life – and it will hurt. Again, Decathlon is your friend.

PROMAX Sports Lebanon Hiking Leggings
That’s me modeling my new “spiky” leggings :’) #fashuuun

To put all your stuff in, obviously. Do try to pack light, since you will be dragging it along all day. Keep your makeup at home, it’s not welcome here.

Extra Clothes

Bring a light jacket and an extra t-shirt just in case.

Hat, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen

Because headaches and sunburns hurt.

Your ID, Insurance, and First Aid Kit
Extra Cash

Meals (other than what’s in your snack pack provided by Promax Sports) are not included so be sure to get around 15,000 LBP extra to spend on a quick breakfast or post-hike snack.


Promax does not provide water. Bring at least 2L of water; you will need every last drop.

Your Boyfriend

I would highly recommend this type of equipment to clear your path of thorns and obstacles, carry you around, and make sure you don’t fall on your face.

Promax Sports Hamat Hiking Boyfriend

Our Promax Sports hiking experience in Hamat Lebanon

We met at 8:00am at Sagesse University in Furn el Chebbak. If you live in an area that the bus will be passing by, you can arrange to be picked up on the way.

PROMAX Sports Lebanon Hiking Trip Bus

Calling Camille Attieh, owner and founder of Promax Sports, punctual is an understatement. The flyer states that the bus will leave at 8:15am sharp – and it did. It will leave without you, so don’t be late.

On the way to Hamat, Camille takes a head count and gets to know some of the newbies on the bus while distributing our snack packs for the hike.

This is not your breakfast people, save it for later.

PROMAX Sports Lebanon Hiking Nutrition

We reached Wooden Bakery Jbeil where we had a quick breakfast. I got a tasty mankoushe zaatar (thyme) with fresh mint leaves.

By the way, now’s your chance to use the restroom, and I highly advise you to because you won’t get another opportunity any time soon! :’)

Back on the bus and off to our hiking trail starting point.

We start with a small introduction, stretching, and then a chance to get acquainted with some of the hikers. Make friends. They will help you suffer less during the hike. If you brought your boyfriend, you won’t need anyone else’s assistance, however, it’s still nice to talk to some humans and do some networking.

Promax Sports Hamat Hiking Trip

And we’re off!

I’m going to spare you the details and just show you some awesome pictures of what we got to see while discovering Hamat in the Batroun / Chekka region of Lebanon.

PROMAX Sports Hiking Lebanon Hamat

PROMAX Sports Lebanon Hiking Nature

Promax Lebanon Hamat Lebanese Farmer

PROMAX Lebanon Hiking Camille Attieh

PROMAX Sports Lebanon Hiking Chekka

Promax Sports Chekka Sea Lebanon

We made a quick stop by the sea before continuing our hike.

Promax Sports Mountain Chekka Hiking

PROMAX Sports Lebanon Hiking Mountain

The breathtaking view of the sea and mountains we got to see at the end made it even more worth it.

PROMAX Hiking Lebanon Chekka

Promax Sports Hamat Chekka Hiking

PROMAX Sports Lebanon Christina Naim

PROMAX Sports Lebanon Chekka Hiking

Crunching Numbers

The hiking groups are usually comprised from anywhere between 20 to 120 people. Our hiking group last Sunday was roughly 35.

We met in front of Sagesse University in Furn el Chebbak at 8:00 and left at 8:15. A stop for breakfast at Wooden Bakery Jbeil took around 30 minutes. Our average walking time was about 4 hours; I don’t know how that’s possible since it felt like we were walking all day. Our ~10km “hike” started at exactly 10:00am and we were back in the bus by 3:30pm and back at the meeting point at around 5:30pm with a stop for ice cream in between. That stop for ice cream was more than necessary, by the way.

So what’s included in the hike with Promax Sports?

  • Bus transportation
  • Professional guides
  • Snack nutrition pack (doesn’t include water)
  • Photography
Price = 45,000 LBP per person

Groups of over 5 people benefit from 1 free hiking invitation and 1 free body composition test.

Hiking with Promax Sports to Hamat last Sunday was a great way to escape the city, bond with nature, and meet new people.

You can book next Sunday’s hike by calling +961-3-955642. Check out the upcoming events with Promax Sports, check out their Facebook page’s events section.


Check out the giveaway competition on Instagram for your chance to win a hiking trip for 2 with Promax Sports here!

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