Laduree Brunch: A Glamorous Morning Indulgence in Beirut [restaurant closed]

In case you didn’t already know, the upscale Parisian café, Laduree, isn’t only internationally known for their sweet colourful French macarons that everyone is so obsessed with for some reason, but also their chic and elegant brunch.

I attended a Mother’s Day Brunch media event hosted by Laduree in March 2017, however, because it was during Lent, I wasn’t able to try anything since I was fasting. Temptations were everywhere, but I made it out of there guilt-free!

Laduree Beyrouth Mothers Day Brunch

Laduree Beyrouth Mothers Day Brunch

Well, I FINALLY got to try the classic Laduree Brunch formula and a selection of desserts last weekend with T (#monbeau). We were accompanied this time by a close friend and his lovely new fiancée – Congrats guys!! <3

Laduree Beyrouth is beautiful inside and out.

The restaurant is set inside a traditional Lebanese old villa, Villa Zein. The interior boasts pure luxury and grandeur with its high ceilings, extravagant yet elegant décor, vibrant wallpaper, and inviting pastel colours. The outdoor terrace is large and peaceful since it’s not overlooking a busy main road in Beirut.

Laduree Beyrouth Interior Decor

Laduree Paris Beirut Macaron Patisserie

Laduree Paris Beirut Macaron Patisserie

Laduree Paris Beirut Macaron Patisserie

Laduree Brunch Experience in Beirut

We each ordered the Laduree Brunch formula (39,000 LBP). Laduree Brunch is only served on weekends and bank holidays and includes 3 mini viennoiserie per person, bread, labne and cheese platter, eggs of your choice, mini salmon club sandwich, fresh fruit salad, orange juice, and your choice of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

We started with our drinks. Hot chocolate for me, coffee for him. The Hot Chocolate was dense, rich, and delicious. I’ll give you a fair warning: it’s not light and I highly recommend it 😉

A few minutes passed and a three-tier tower landed on our round table with an arrangement of mini viennoiserie and bread served with honey, jam, and butter – followed by cheese and labne.

LaDuree Brunch Viennoiserie Tray

laduree brunch viennoiserie beirut lebanon

I like the Lebanese twist to the original Parisian brunch formula. However, I’d like to highlight the unappealing presentation of cheese and labne, which to be quite frank does not complement the “chic” Laduree at all. I would really suggest presentation upgrade including changing the shape of the labne swirl, adding some mint leaves, adding another cheese, transferring the labne to a separate small bowl, etc.). Labne isn’t mentioned on the menu anyway.

LaDuree Brunch Breakfast Beirut
The labne is actually presented like this, by the way

The viennoiserie included in the Laduree brunch are to die for – especially the chocolate croissant. The dough is soft, flaky, and buttery; exactly how a croissant should be. T and I looked at each other and smiled in reminiscence of the croissants we had in Barcelona’s Hofmann Bakery. Oh the things I would do to have those croissants again!

LaDuree Brunch Croissant

Back to present-time Beirut.

The Mini Smoked Salmon Club that shortly arrived to our table was simple, yet delicious. The smoked salmon is evidently high quality.

LaDuree smoked salmon club sandwich

Now for the eggs.

I had the Eggs Benedict with the oh-so-smooth and silky smoked salmon, while T ordered the Omelette du Fromage filled with cheese, ham, and diced vegetables.

The Eggs Benedict wasn’t as great as I expected. Although the eggs were perfectly cooked, the Hollandaise was off and the bread was stale with a very strange chewy sponge-like texture.

LaDuree eggs benedict salmon breakfast

LaDuree brunch eggs benedict breakfast

However, I have to say that Omelette was a masterpiece. I highly urge you to order this wonderful dish (ordered medium-well) which was perfectly seasoned and generously filled with vegetables.

LaDuree omelet omelette brunch

A Sweet Indulgence

After “Le Brunch”, we ordered a selection of the day’s patisserie specials that were on display.

LaDuree Paris patisserie pastries

The Cheesecake Cassis Myrtile (12,000 LBP) was very smooth with a sour berry filling and buttery sablé base. Although I’m not generally a huge fan of cheesecake, I liked this one at Laduree.

The Éclair au Chocolat (9,000 LBP) dark chocolate topping was a bit too sweet – similar to the sugary chocolate glaze you expect from a donut.

I loved the sour Tarte Citron (10,000 LBP). The lemon filling was smooth and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. However, the tart base was a bit tough and didn’t crumble.

LaDuree Paris patisserie dessert brunch

I never tried a Mont Blanc (13,000 LBP) before and since Laduree is very well known for theirs, I thought I would give it a go to set the proper standard. Let’s just say it’s good, but I wouldn’t order it again; the chestnut cream is too sweet for my taste. I did, however, enjoy the meringue and fresh cream filling.

LaDuree Paris Mont Blanc patisserie

LaDuree Paris Mont Blanc patisserie

We also had Laduree’s infamous Pain Perdu with Maple Syrup (16,000 LBP), which was oh-so-buttery and melt-in-your-mouth wonderful. Laduree’s Pain Perdu was actually the best of the desserts to be honest. It should be on your must-try list.

LaDuree pain perdu syrup

Final Verdict?

Elegant and chic décor, enjoyable food meticulously prepared with finesse and flair, professional and friendly service, and of course, lovely company, all made our Laduree brunch experience even more memorable. “Le Brunch” at Laduree Beyrouth is something one should try at least once. I wonder what it would be like in Paris 🙂

Laduree Paris Beirut Patisserie Villa Zein

A word to the wise for true chocolate lovers: I insist you go for the hot chocolate.
LaDuree Paris Hot Chocolate
Dreamy hot chocolate for the chocoholics <3


When? Every Saturday, Sunday, and Bank Holiday from 9am-12pm

How Much? 39,000 LBP (+ 5,000 LBP for Eggs Benedict)


LaDuree Beyrouth

Address: Omar Al Daouk Street, Bab Idriss, Minet El Hosn, Beirut District

Contact: +961-1-992922 / +961-70-992922


For opening hours, check out Ladurée Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Laduree Brunch was featured on the top 7 list of Best Brunch in Beirut.

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  1. Maybe not the best place to talk about this but HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT!!??!?! Seriously im shocked at how healthy you look..for a blog like this

    Im legitimately curious as to how you can try so many different desserts and mains and still look the same..
    Do you only try a bite of each? Do you work out for an hour a day? Do you eat that one meal and thats that for 24 hours? Do you only go to restaurants as often as you write the blogs?

    Im a consider myself a foodie too.. but my body likes to show it to the world

    1. Hahahaha this made my morning 🙂 Honestly, I have much more than a couple bites, and I definitely don’t stop eating for 24 hours, because I’m a live-to-eat kinda gal 😉 I eat at restaurants at least 50% of the week and I work out 4-5 days a week, alternating between power walking, cardio, and strength training. We’re not perfect, so of course there are ALWAYS some hiccups along the way!

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