Breakfast Barn: One of the best healthy eateries in Beirut!

Have I mentioned that I’m a healthy foodie? Yes, I have. I love eating healthy just as much as I love all food in general. Which is a lot. So every time I discover that a new restaurant has popped up in Lebanon offering wholesome, healthy options, I make it my mission to visit the soonest and try some items off their menu. If I like them, then my next mission is to order the rest of the menu.


The newest arrival to Achrafieh is Breakfast Barn, decked out in a smart and simple aesthetic that makes it so appealing and inviting. I believe this charming new café / eatery has now become my go-to place for a healthy fix.

Breakfast Barn Ashrafieh Exterior

In terms of space, Breakfast Barn is rather small; there are 2 tables outside and 6 inside. The eatery boasts white walls, vintage bronze tea cup lights, wooden tables and colourful mismatched chairs. The live plants planted in soil in the middle of each table were a very nice touch.

Breakfast Barn menu

T and I got there at around 1pm last Sunday and decided to have a late breakfast, because we both happened to be craving something sweet. We all know the motto “Breakfast is the most important meal of your day”. So is chocolate #justsaying.

Breakfast Barn offers an array of breakfast and brunch options ranging from scrumptious chia puddings, build-your-own bowls (yogurt, dairy and non-dairy milk, cereals, toppings, etc.), sandwiches and salads, to fresh cold-pressed juices, coffee, tea and my favourite, hot chocolate.

I’ve actually never tried chia pudding before, albeit attempting to make it using several online recipes with no success; to be fair, I was using honey as the sweetener which I’m not a fan of especially paired with chocolate. I have no idea why, but honey makes me nauseous.

moving on…

We ordered two chia puddings at Breakfast Barn and both of them won me over.

The “Choconut” Chia Pudding (12,000 LBP) was made using unsweetened almond milk with dark chocolate, pomegranate seeds, strawberries & unsweetened dried coconut. It was a tasty combination, but I believe there should be a non-fruity chocolate chia pudding on the menu for chocolate lovers like myself. Chocolate is life, okay? Okay.

Breakfast Barn Choconut Chia Pudding
Choconut Chia Pudding

I absolutely loved the “Jam It Up” Chia Pudding (12,000 LBP) which had a bottom layer of sweet (sugar-free) blueberry jam, a layer of chia pudding and topped with thick creamy yogurt, fresh blueberries, crunchy pecans and a dash of maple syrup. This pudding is a must try at Breakfast Barn! – Ask for the syrup on the side so you get to control the amount of sweetness.

Breakfast Barn Chia Pudding
Jam It Up Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are rich in heart-healthy omega 3, reduce food cravings, keep you hydrated and keep you full for a long time since they’re full of fiber. Plus 1 tbsp of the stuff has 2g of protein! I usually use them in smoothies and oatmeal and sometimes sprinkle them on my salads.

Now that we’ve established I actually like chia pudding (when it’s not made by myself, of course), we know where to go to satisfy those healthy sweet cravings – which will be like every week. Sorry, T.

THE toasties at breakfast barn

First up, the colourful Fravoca Toastie (10,500 LBP) – two slices of pain de campagne (sourdough bread) topped with creamy avocado chunks, feta cheese, pomegranate seeds and strawberry jam. The sweet pomegranate seeds and strawberry jam contrasted perfectly with the slightly salty cheese.

Breakfast Barn Ashrafieh Fravoca Toastie
Fravoca Toastie

T ordered (and I tasted) the Smoked Salmon Toastie, which is not yet available on their menu – two slices of pain de campagne topped with smoked salmon with a spread of natural tangy Greek yogurt and small chunks of lemon. It was light and I enjoyed the twist of fresh Greek yogurt paired with salmon instead of the predictable processed Philadelphia spread.

Breakfast Barn Smoked Salmon Toastie
Smoked Salmon Toastie

I absolutely fell in love with “Ce N’est Pas Un Chocolat” [French for “It’s not a chocolate”] Toastie – pain de campagne topped with vegan chocolate spread, which tastes a 1000 times better than Nutella (yes, I said it and I still don’t understand the worldwide obsession this stuff anyway!). The two chocolate toasties were topped with thin slivers of orange zest and sliced strawberries – a magical combination. It’s the perfect guilt-free chocolate fix that I would order again and again.

If you’re interested in buying a jar of this deliciousness, contact Rodrigue and he’ll fix you up with this awesome vegan spread! It was a life saver during my vegan challenge! I raved about his vegan products at the end of the challenge.

Breakfast Barn Vegan Chocolate Chakala
Ce N’est Pas Un Chocolat Toastie

The Hot Chocolate a.k.a. “Chocolat Chaud” (7,500 LBP) is made with unsweetened oat milk and organic cocoa mix. It was delicious.

Breakfast Barn Bill
T picking up the check.

Final Verdict?

I find that I tend to struggle with massive portions of food; more often than not, I find myself feeling full and bloated before I even start! At Breakfast Barn, I was rather pleased with the humble portion served fit for a regular-sized human stomach 🙂

The staff is super friendly and the service is extremely quick. The prices are on the higher end, but you pay for quality and you really can’t put a price on health!

I can’t wait for my next visit and I have already planned my order – not OCD of me at all. Nope.

Breakfast Barn Ashrafieh Menu

Breakfast Barn

Address: Debbas Street, Ashrafieh, Tabaris, Charles Malek Avenue., Beirut, Lebanon

Contact: +961-1-333532


For opening hours, check out their website or Breakfast Barn Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Breakfast Barn was featured on the top 7 list of Best Brunch in Beirut.

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    1. Breakfast Barn is really a must try! I’d like to check Eat Sunshine out too 🙂 Chia pudding doesn’t like me.

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