Sandwiched Diner: Your go-to place for anything between buns in Lebanon

You may have already heard about Sandwiched Diner. You wanna get yourself over there asap.

Here’s my take on Sandwiched Diner

Let’s start with their awesome staff members who will help you make the hardest of decisions: what to order. They’re very friendly and passionate about food, and that’s what we’re all about!

The Antelias interior’s got that cozy diner feel that we’ve been missing.

Sandwiched Diner Antelias Interior Restaurant Design

Sandwiched Diner Antelias Interior Restaurant Design

Sandwiched Diner Antelias Interior Restaurant Design

The Salads

Sandwiched Diner serves salads despite its name. Not everything is high carb here, so there’s something for everybody!

The East n West Salad (12,000 LBP) is divine. Rocca, lola rossa (i.e. the best lettuce to exist), thyme, mint, tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, Parmesan, and walnuts topped with a generous amount of fresh pomegranate seeds and loads of pumpkin seeds! The “Loaded” East n West (14,000 LBP) in the Catwalk Light menu section is my favourite of the Sandwiched salads! It’s the basic East n West salad topped with grilled halloumi – perfection!

Sandwiched Diner East West Salad Halloum

The Goat Cheese Salad (14,000 LBP) is another favourite of mine. The goat cheese has a lovely light creamy consistency, generously spread on toasted bread. I wasn’t a fan of the raspberry vinaigrette, however, as it was a tad too sweet without being paired with the goat cheese. This detail was noticed because I typically finish the goat cheese before I get to the end of the salad. I would dress this salad with the East n West’s balsamic dressing.

Sandwiched Diner Goat Cheese Salad

The salad portions are huge so a salad can be a meal on its own or shared as you indulge in their “sandwiched” items 😉

Sandwiched Balsamic Steak Cheese Low Calorie

The Sandwiches

Well, it would be crazy not to try a sandwich when visiting a diner with a name like “Sandwiched”, right?

I’m going to be honest, some of the sandwiches are just too messy for me (and that’s probably a good thing for you). As opposed to burgers, I like my sandwiches on the less “khabsa” side.

Here are the sandwiches I’ve tried at Sandwiched Diner

The Mighty (14,000 LBP) was too sweet for me. I like it, but I don’t love it. Less BBQ sauce would be better, but some people love it this way so it’s really a matter of preference!

Sandwiched Diner Sandwich Mighty Croque Monsieur

The Balsamic Beef Filet Sandwich (12,000 LBP) tasted like a steak salad in between bread.

Sandwiched Balsamic Steak Cheese Low Calorie

Sandwiched Balsamic Steak Cheese Low Calorie

The Burgers

I now have a favourite burger spot in Lebanon that’s NOT a gourmet burger in a fine dining restaurant. I like thick meat patties in a burger, definitely not the thin ones where all you can taste is bun, bun, bun! Sandwiched Diner gave me that juicy meaty burger with the perfect combination of different ingredients inside – the bun was a mere vessel to hold them all. Albeit, my hands did get dirty and for once, I didn’t care!

Meet my favourite “non-gourmet” burgers in Lebanon:

Sandwiched Diner Lebanon Best Burger FlatLay

If you want beef, then definitely go for either the Mushroom Steak Burger (18,000 LBP) or the BBQ Bacon’n Mushrooms Burger (14,000 LBP). Can you tell I have a thing for mushrooms in my burger?

Sandwiched Diner Burger BBQ Bacon Lebanon

Sandwiched Diner Burger BBQ Bacon Lebanon

Chicken lovers, on the other hand, must try the Chicken Aioli Burger (14,000 LBP) with that golden crunchy fried mozzarella!

Sandwiched Diner Burger Chicken Aioli Mozzarella

Upgrade with fries and coleslaw for 4,000 LBP, and I highly recommend you do!

Sandwiched Diner Goat Cheese Salad Burger Balanced
A balanced meal

Sandwiched Diner serves 3 different kinds of fries: 

  1. Regular (but oh-so-fluffy) Fries
  2. Skin-on Dippers
  3. Crinckles with Cajun spices

All three are delectable and make you smile from the moment you dunk one into one of the special dipping sauces to the moment it reaches your stomach.

Sandwiched Diner Burger Fried Potato Dippers

The “Crinckles” made me smile the most. 

Sandwiched Diner Burger BBQ Bacon Fries

The Pizza

I tried the Traditional Pizza (12,000 LBP) at Sandwiched Diner – and it’s not as traditional as you’d expect. The base is two tortilla layers instead of your usual pizza dough. The toppings were generous and fresh. The pie was like the low carb pizza I make at home. I loved it.

Sandwiched Restaurant Tortilla Pizza Cheese Lebanese

Sandwiched Restaurant Tortilla Pizza Cheese Lebanese

The Dessert

I can’t even describe the feeling I got when I first dug into that fudgy layered chocolate cake (12,000 LBP). Don’t think twice, f*** your diet, you need this cake in your life! Share it if you have to, but don’t you even think about forgoing this one!

Chocolate lovers, this is THE Matilda cake.

Sandwiched Diner Dessert Chocolate Cake Fudge

Non-chocolate lovers (what are you?!), how about a Carrot Cake? This giant slice is on the “Catwalk” light menu at Sandwiched Diner too for just 10,000 LBP. I convinced you, didn’t I? This cake has the perfect amount of spice and I love that it’s light, so I can indulge without feeling too guilty.

Sandwiched Diner Dessert Carrot Cake Light

There are more desserts at Sandwiched Diner, but I wanted to share with you my favourites, because dessert is the most important part of the meal. I’ll explain why. Imagine not liking dessert –all those calories you consumed prior to dessert count for nothing if you end your meal badly! Logic.

Sandwiched Diner Dessert Lebanese Blogger

Final Verdict?

What’s not logical is not visiting Sandwiched Diner this week and trying out some of the items I shared with you!

This casual diner has branches in Jounieh, Antelias, and most recently, Gemmayzeh.

Let me know what you think 🙂

Sandwiched Diner Burger Lebanon Blogger Lebanese


Sandwiched Diner

Address 1: Gouraud Street, Gemmayze, Beirut District / Contact: +961-1-565485

Address 2: Main Street, Near Bank Byblos, Antelias, Metn / Contact: +961-4-416955



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  1. That chocolate cake looks mouthwatering! I’ll order that and the bbq burger for sure when I visit! Thanks for the tip as usual.

    1. Yes! I love the fact that they’re so generous with the ingredients. The many pumpkin seeds add a beautiful crunch to the salad.

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