Be a “Doer”: The exclusive Doers Club by Dewars

Because of Tommy Dewar’s endless motivation and charm, he was able to make the Dewar’s brand a well-known household name, which made him the ultimate “Doer” – “Dewar”, get it?

The purpose of the Doers Club along with its series of events is to inspire all doers like Tommy Dewar to be in one place together spreading those contagious positive vibes. Good food, creative cocktails, and moving music are the most essential parts of the true Doers Club experience.

Influencers, bloggers, media as well as celebrities attended the launch of the first exclusive Doers Club in Beirut. It was a unique twist into showcasing Dewar’s various whiskys in a quirky, fun, and casual ambiance.

Scotch Egg Club Dewars Whisky Marketing

The very first Doers Club by Dewars was launched in a creatively transformed parking lot at Fattal Group Headquarters in Sin el Fil, Beirut.

The Doers Club combined a selection of the whisky king’s tastiest cocktails with the latest street food trends. One of our favourites were the Scotch eggs! 

Scotch eggs are a well-known traditional food originating from Scotland (sorry to point out the obvious). They’re essentially soft- boiled eggs wrapped in a mix of meat and bread crumbs, and then fried.

The chefs at the Doers Club events always had something special for us to pair with those fabulous Dewars whisky cocktails!

Scotch Egg Club Dewars Doers Lebanon

Scotch Egg Club Dewars Doers Lebanon

Many more Doers Club pop-up events followed after the first launch!

Live band performances, creative cocktail mixes, carefree fun, and delicious eats; the invited guest-list-only Doers Club surprise pop-up events were special indeed. The exclusive club in Beirut was a huge success! We all had an awesome time discovering their unique whisky-blend cocktails surrounded by great doers’ energy!

Doers Club Dewars Events Lebanon Nightlife

Doers Club Dewars Events Lebanon Nightlife

Doers Club Dewars Events Lebanon Nightlife

We’re gonna miss you, Doers Club, but we’re certain you have something awesome up your sleeve 😉

Rest assured, you’ll hear about them here!

Doers Club Dewars Lebanon Beirut Nightlife

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