Batchig: Delicious Armenian cuisine – and the best mloukhieh in Lebanon!

“Batchig is a sweet kiss from your grandmother.”

I’ve been to Batchig so many times in the past few years that I’ve lost count! Yet it’s strange that I’ve never written about my countless memorable experiences in the old red house in Dbayeh that holds this charming and authentic Armenian restaurant.

Batchig Restaurant Dbayeh Lebanon Armenian

I’ll start with my favourite dish at Batchig: Mloukhieh

You haven’t LIVED until you’ve tried the Mloukhieh at Batchig. No, I’m not exaggerating; it’s delicious. Non-Mloukhieh lovers may possibly change their mind after trying this one, I kid you not.

Batchig uses whole leaves to make this traditional dish and you’re offered two kinds of vinegar and toasted pita bread. The combination of flavours are so on-point. Batchig even adds a special touch topping the dish with fried kebbe, which is certainly a first for me.

Batchig Mloukhieh Recipe Traditional Jews Mallow

They make this masterpiece every Wednesday. So free up your lunch schedule and order it via delivery or visit the restaurant for the full dining experience.

The Olive Oil Delights Bar

This daily buffet at Batchig offers olive oil based seasonal dishes all year round and is priced at a reasonable 23,000 LBP. The olive oil delights bar includes delicious traditional Armenian dishes including “7ara2 osba3o” as well as Lebanese specialties such as Tabbouleh and Hummus.

Batchig Oriental Delights Buffet Salad Bar

Batchig Oriental Delights Buffet Salad Bar

Batchig Oriental Delights Buffet Salad Bar

My absolute favourite accompaniment at the bar though has to be the fluffy brioche bread.

Batchig Oriental Delights Buffet Salad Bar
Fluffy bread alert behind the stinky cauliflower!

A la Carte Armenian Cuisine at Batchig

Itch (9,000 LBP) referred to as “Armenian Tabbouleh” is nothing like Tabbouleh. It’s a bulgur-based salad that is served cold, slightly warm, and even at room temperature – every restaurant serves it a certain way from my experience. At Batchig, it arrived to the table at room temperature. It’s safe to say that I love Itch at all temperatures and I also enjoy eating it with Laban (yogurt). An Armenian friend of mine told me she eats Itch with hummus. I find that a bit strange, but I’ll give it a go next time!

Batchig Mezza Salad Itch Armenian Cuisine

Hummus (6,000 LBP) is a staple mezza item and the one at Batchig has the perfect balance of tahini paste and chickpeas.

Batchig Oriental Delights Buffet Hummus
Hummus shot from the bar (I was too hungry to shoot our single portion!)

Oh hello, Mouhamara (10,000 LBP). Mouhamara is one of my favourite mezza dishes. This hot pepper, walnut and olive oil spread at Batchig is absolutely delicious.

Batchig Armenian Cuisine Muhammara Spicy mezza

Vospov Keufteh (12,000 LBP) – red lentil kebbe topped with a mix of tomatoes and onions. The texture is rather strange, but it’s full of flavour and rather piquant. This Armenian dish is kind of like a vegan version of the raw kebbe meat we enjoy at Lebanese restaurants, but without sacrificing flavour.

Batchig Dbayeh Armenian Vospov Keufteh Mezza

The Batata Harra (8,000 LBP) was too oily and it arrived to our table somewhat cold so we didn’t really enjoy it. It’s better served hot, of course. Warning: It’s very spicy!

Batchig Dbayeh Batata Harra Fried Mezza

Mante (24,000 LBP) is always my Armenian dish of choice and Batchig does it perfectly right down to the presentation.

It’s entertaining to watch as your server mixes all the ingredients in front of you to create this remarkable delightful dish. The mante dough is thin, crispy, stuffed with meat, and well, perfect! The tomato sauce is super spicy, but the cool thick laban mixed in cools it all down, so don’t worry. It’s highly recommended!

Batchig Dbayeh Armenian Cuisine Mante

Batchig Dbayeh Armenian Cuisine Mante

Batchig Dbayeh Armenian Cuisine Mante Yogurt

Batchig Dbayeh Armenian Cuisine Mante Yogurt

Kebab Karaz (23,000 LBP) – You have to try these juicy kebab “meatballs” which come in a thick yogurt and wild cherry coulis mixture that kind of resembles fattéh. Just look at this beauty!

Batchig Dbayeh Lebanon Armenian Kebab Karaz

Arpi (16,000 LBP) is a MUST at Batchig. Please don’t leave without ordering this masterpiece. It’s like a foot-long baked open calzone/pizza/Fatayer filled with a cheesy mixture of halloumi and some other cheese, onions, and red chili powder. I promise it’s not spicy – it was the highlight of the meal. Together with the mante – and the Kebab Karaz. Bring your friends and family so you can try them all.

Batchig Mezza Armenian Cuisine Fatayer
I just had to show you the size compared to my hand!

For dessert, we tried the “Pain Perdu-ian” and the Mount Ararat.

The Pain Perdu (15,000 LBP) was a disaster, unfortunately. I don’t even know what that is – I can’t even describe the “khabsa” (i.e. mess). It’s like a sloppy, sticky, gooey Riz b Halib with chunks of soggy bread in it. Just no.

Batchig Dessert Pain Perdu Perduian Sahlab

Mount Ararat (17,000 LBP) is the perfect choice to end your meal on a sweet note at Batchig. Lots of fluffy white Lebanese cotton candy covering creamy homemade ice cream flavours including rose, almond, marzipan, and ashta; ashta being the best of the four. I highly recommend this dessert.

Batchig Dessert Ice Cream Cotton Candy

Final Verdict?

All in all, Batchig is a spot I would visit again and again (especially for Mloukhieh every Wednesday).

The food at Batchig is delicious (apart from the pain perdu which needs to be completely rethought or removed from the menu), the staff members are very friendly, and the ambiance is cozy. The outdoor terrace is best in not-so-hot weather.

I love trying different foods and Armenian cuisine has made it to my top 5 preferred cuisines. Batchig is definitely worth a try – and no, it’s not TOO spicy. However, it’s mama in Gemmayzeh, “Mayrig”, seems to have that reputation.



Address: Kassis Street, Dbayeh, Metn

Contact: +961-4-444307 / +961-70-444307


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