#IAmGapFit at the Official Launch of the GapFit SS17 Collection at Beirut Souks Lebanon

I was pleased to be invited along with other influencers and media to be part of the official launch of the new GapFit SS17 activewear collection in Lebanon at Beirut Souks last Thursday!

I’m labeled as the “healthy foodie” i.e. that crazy chick at work who doesn’t order a burger and fries like the rest of the group at lunch –“But you’re so fit already!” Yep, and I plan to stay that way, thank you very much!

If you workout frequently, then you definitely need some high quality, durable workout gear. The new GapFit collection seems to be the perfect “fit” since it claims to offer these fundamental aspects. After all, I do still own a few Gap pieces aged 20 or so years (that I still wear!). So we can safely say that Gap pretty much screams long-lasting!

GapFit Workout Apparel

GapFit Beirut Souks Lebanon (11)

The new GapFit workout apparel would be the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe even if you aren’t active since they’re comfortable and trendy! Plus, as Nicole suggested during our GapFit Healthy Workshop (more on that below), if you buy yourself a new set of workout gear, you’ll be more eager to workout. It makes a lot of sense, because who would really be motivated wearing some old “not-fit-for-social-outings” rags found at the back of the closet? I wouldn’t.

Therefore, for those of you who plan to up your workout dosage in the coming few weeks #summeriscoming, investing in some new “fashion fit” sportswear would be a good idea to keep you motivated, and the new collection at GapFit offers just that!

Leggings and tank tops are my go-to outfit for casual outings too, by the way 🙂

Here are a few photos of the wide selection of colourful activewear to help make your workout just a bit more fun!

Healthy Eating Workshop

As part of the GapFit launch at Beirut Souks, we watched a small informative workshop given by licensed dietitian, Nicole Maftoum, about “How to follow a healthy diet at Work and at Home”.

GapFit Beirut Lebanon Nicole Maftoum

Nicole gave us some useful and interesting health and fitness tips to put to use in our daily lives. One thing that actually stuck with me was the effect of drinking carbonated beverages like soda (diet or regular)! When you drink gas, your stomach fills up like a balloon causing you to eat more!

Healthy Pre-Yoga Snacking with Qi Juices

Qi Juices provided us with healthy treats and a selection of fresh juice to fuel our upcoming yoga session.

Qi Juices Healthy GapFit Beirut

I tried the Snickers bites and fell in love! I also enjoyed a “Lemon Grace” cold-pressed juice containing lemon grass, apple, lemon, and ginger –very refreshing!

GapFit Beirut Qi Juices Detox

Outdoor Yoga Session

After our much-needed delicious snack, we went outside and enjoyed an revitalizing power yoga session with the beautiful Sara Mourad.

GapFit Beirut Souks Lebanon (82)

Now I really have no excuse to skip my workouts…

I loved the new GapFit collection and I’m sure you will too, so check them out! I’m thinking of buying this pair of patterned GapFit leggings, what do you think?

GapFit Gap Leggings Black White

Do you have a favourite brand for workout apparel or do you mix and match?

Gap Lebanon

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