Longhorns BBQ Smokehouse Newcastle Meat Board

Longhorns Newcastle: A Meat Lovers Paradise

Longhorns BBQ Smokehouse Newcastle Meat Board

My sister and I paid a visit to Longhorns Newcastle after an early shopping spree in the city’s main shopping center. It was our first time trying most of these barbecue meat varieties in general, so I wouldn’t say we’re barbecue “carn-noisseurs”. I had to, sorry.

Longhorns Newcastle: A Meat Lovers Paradise

Love meat? Well, that’s what Longhorns Newcastle is serving! Meat, meat, and more meat. Authentic Southern USA barbecue meats smoked “low and slow”, washed down with a craft beer, and then finished with dessert (if you have any room left).

The meat is sourced locally from their ranch butchery. They smoke their meat on-site and their signature sauces are made fresh.

Nigel John Photography Longhorns

Nigel John Photography Longhorns Meat

Here’s Longhorns’ “Guide to BBQ” – I found it to be pretty informative (especially for BBQ “virgins”).

Longhorns Menu BBQ

LONGHORNS Newcastle: The Review

We went for an early casual lunch and were greeted by very friendly staff.

Longhorns BBQ Smokehouse Newcastle Entrance

Longhorns Newcastle branch on Mosley Street is a rather small and narrow space with high wooden tables and stools; not my favourite way to have a meal. However once the food arrives, the carnivore in you makes you forget you’re so high up above the ground. There’s also a slight chance you forget you’re in public.

Seriously, this place is perfect if you have a big appetite (and testosterone) (and you’re a caveman).

What we ordered

Longhorns Newcastle MENU

The menu at Longhorns Newcastle features a wide mouthwatering selection of sandwiches, burgers, meats and BBQ boards with loads of sides to choose from for very reasonable prices.

We started with Vanilla Milkshakes (£5) – I always go for vanilla. Although, I prefer to have a thicker consistency than the ones we were served; they were a tad “milky”.

Longhorns Newcastle Milkshake Vanilla Sprinkles

Vanilla Milkshake with (not-too-manly) SPRINKLES 🙂

We ordered the Smokestack Burger (£13) which was recommended to us by our waiter with Sweet Potato Snake Dust Fries (£4 individual / £1 as meal add-on) – yes, you read it correctly: snake dust. I don’t want to know. They’re really good and way better than the droopy sweet potato fries I’ve tried in most restaurants in UK.

As for the burger, wow. It’s one of the best burgers I’ve ever had! The Smokestack is a double smokehouse patty (with cheese), topped with a generous amount of smoked pork and beef brisket, all protected in a perfect soft golden brioche bun. This monster burger is definitely a must try at Longhorns Newcastle.

Longhorns Newcastle Smokestack Burger Pork

Massive Smokestack Burger

The Sampler Meat Board

We also ordered the Sampler Meat Board (£17) to share – a selection of all BBQ board meats (Pork Ribs, Chicken Wings, “Badass” Brisket, Andouille Sausage, and Memphis Hog Butt) served with fries, slaw, pit beans in a mug, and rind. The smoked meats are served warm (not hot), which apparently means you’re having authentic BBQ. You also have the option of ordering a meat board with your choice of meats and sides from the menu, including 2 meats with 2 sides (£12) or 3 meats with 2 sides (£15).

The pork ribs were a bit dry, so we didn’t really enjoy them. I don’t eat chicken wings, but my sister told me they were quite good. The brisket and hog butt (I can’t say that word without cringing) were really good, but a tad chewy. My favourite was definitely the flavoursome Andouille Sausage.

I loved the pit beans made with maple syrup, ranch bacon & BBQ ends. At Longhorns Newcastle, they’ve upped the “slaw” standard a notch and added apples and carrots into the mix along with a signature homemade sauce.

Longhorns BBQ Smokehouse Newcastle Meat Board Sampler

Longhorns BBQ Smokehouse Newcastle Meat Board


Not this time, folks. We could barely finish our plates!! I would have gone for the key lime pie or a stack of pancakes since I’m a huge pancake aficionado – maybe next time 😉

Final Verdict?

I would really recommend you visit Longhorns Newcastle if you’re in the city. If you aren’t, here’s a list of things to do in Newcastle to get you inspired. In all seriousness though, get the Smokestack Burger if you have a substantial love for meat and/or burgers (i.e. if you’re sane).

Oh, and don’t forget the “snake dust” sweet potato fries. Why snake dust though? Nope, I still don’t wanna know!

Longhorns Newcastle Sweet Potato Fries

Snake Dust Sweet Potato Fries

Man vs Food Challenges

Feeling brave? Longhorns Newcastle hosts a Man vs Food Challenge involving 7lbs of meat (and after our visit, I can understand why). You get the meal FREE if you win!

Details about Longhorns’ Breaking Badass BBQ Challenge can be found on Food Challenges Website.

Longhorns Newcastle Upon Tyne

Address: 10 Mosley St, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK, NE1 1DE

Contact: +44-191-239-9187

For opening hours and other Longhorns BBQ Smokehouse branches, check out their website or Facebook page.

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