Zaatar w Zeit Online Delivery Review + FREE DISCOUNT

Zaatar w Zeit has been my favourite Lebanese fast food joint ever since I first tried their renowned “Djeij w Jebne” wrap, now known as “Famous Chicken”. It was love at first bite. Since then (and this was about 12 years ago), we were inseparable.

I normally use Zaatar w Zeit’s delivery services, but I also occasionally visit for their delicious Lebanese breakfast – sunny-side up eggs, creamy labneh, and baked Halloumi, accompanied with fresh veggies and hot freshly baked bread. Okay, I’m going to stop here. 

here’s a picture:

Zaatar w Zeit Breakfast

Yes, I eat Fattoush at 9am. It’s that good.

The New Zaatar w Zeit Online Delivery App

I was pleased to find out that Zaatar w Zeit launched a new online delivery app! It’s user-friendly and super convenient. I actually preferred ordering online instead of speaking to the operator who repeats my address every time I order!  Now, there’s no communication necessary! My inner-introvert thanks you deeply Zaatar w Zeit tech team.

With the Zaatar w Zeit online delivery app (and website), you can search their menu, customize your order, save that customized order, and set up a few addresses (i.e. home, office, grandparents’ house…).

Did you know they deliver 24/7?

Famous chicken customized

At checkout, you can schedule your order, specify your payment methods (cash or credit card on delivery, online credit card, or pin pay) and any special instructions (bring menus, change needed, don’t ring the bell, missed call upon arrival), and if you still have something to say, you can leave your comments in the “Notes” section.

You get a FREE Nutella & Banana Wrap with your 1st online order! Who doesn’t want one of those?

Zaatar w Zeit Online Delivery App Website Lebanon (2)

Once you successfully checkout, you receive an email with your online ordering receipt, followed by a “Your order is cooking!” email along with the expected delivery time.

Zaatar w Zeit Online Emails

After using Zaatar w Zeit online delivery 4 times, the cons I found with the delivery application were the following:
  1. You cannot “un-heart” your favourites (simple bug that can be fixed)
  2. Pinning an address if you aren’t physically there at that moment is difficult (i.e. if you are sending the delivery to a friend, you need to pin said friend’s address on the map).
  3. Regular bread vs. Oat bread vs. Multigrain bread is not consistent with the wraps; I would suggest having the bread option consistent and require the user to tick the type of bread they want when customizing an order.
  4. Too many recommended items after checkout. I understand it is to remind people that they need to order dessert and get fat, but we really don’t need visual temptations! :’) At least bring it down to one item.

Giveaway: Free Discount Voucher Code!

So, I teamed up with Zaatar w Zeit to offer you guys a discount code when ordering online! Simply enter “zwzlebanoneats” at checkout and instantly get 20% off! + You will also get a free chocolate banana wrap with your first online order!

Sahtein 🙂

Zaatar w Zeit Online Checkout screen

Have you tried the new Zaatar w Zeit Online Delivery app or website? What are your thoughts?

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