Across the City with Barcelona Bus Turistic Tour

I previously raved about how fun (and ever so convenient) it was touring Barcelona with Barcelona Bus Turistic’s hop on hop off bus tour on the Red Route. One day wasn’t enough? Nope. I recommend two days. 

Just a refresher: Barcelona Bus Turistic Tour features three colourful sightseeing routes: Red, Blue, and Green. You can hop on and off the bus at your own pace, and you can even switch between routes. With this bus ticket, you have access to loads of discounts for landmarks and sites included in the tour.

Day 6: Across the City with Barcelona Bus Turistic Tour

We’ll be touring the Blue Line Route this time; with a red stop that we skipped the first time.

Stop #1 – La Sagrada Familia, the Most Unique Church in the World

We walked from our new apartment to La Sagrada Familia and grabbed croissants from MaxciPa for breakfast and stopped for coffee before we started our tour.

starbucks croissant breakfast barcelona
Croissant from MaxciPa and a sickly sweet hypothetical “coffee” which I swapped for a latte
Starbucks Barcelona Breakfast view
View from our breakfast spot.

Out of all the main attractions we visited in Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia was my favourite.

Source: Sagrada Familia Official Website

We got online tickets to both the church and tower, which included an audio guide. Guys, the audio guide is a MUST. Do NOT skip the audio guide. It explains everything about the church as it walks you through the different sections. The audio made the experience even more memorable – we learned so much about what we were visiting, instead of just gaping at the, admittedly beautiful, architectural design. You can skip the tower maybe, but I would still say fork over the extra 4-5 euros because the view is lovely (also because you might as well since you’ve made it this far!).

A small history lesson

La Sagrada Familia was designed by Antonio Gaudi, one of the most renowned modern architects in Europe. Construction began in 1882 and it’s still to this day not completed. Sources say that it should be finished in 2026.

History lesson over.. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

From the intricate details and architecture of the façade to the high-ceilinged colourful interior, the church is breathtaking.

barcelona la sagrada familia interior

As soon as we stepped inside the church, we were in awe – exceedingly high ceilings, colossal pillars, and colourful light from tall stained glass windows filling the interior of the church with different shades of red, blue, green…

Sagrada Familia Website Interior
Source: Sagrada Familia Official Website

After roaming around the church interior with the help of our awesome audio guide, our tour finished and it was time to go up the elevator inside one of the towers.

Barcelona Bus Turistic Tour Sagrada Familia
View from the Tower of La Sagrada Familia

Afterwards, we had to walk down a seemingly endless spiraling staircase to reluctantly exit the beautiful church.

Barcelona Sagrada Familia Tower

Stop #2 – Snack Time: Churros

Still in awe from our visit, we headed to Xurreria Sagrada Familia for a snack for the road before hopping back on Barcelona Bus Turistic tour following the blue route to our next stop.

barcelona Xurreria Sagrada Familia churro
White chocolate churro from Xurreria Sagrada Familia

Stop #3 – Parc Guell

Barcelona Bus Turistic’s stop at Parc Guell is a bit confusing; the tour bus doesn’t exactly drop you in front of the park. It drops you a 10 to 15-minute walk away from the park and it wasn’t too clear regarding which direction to take to get there. We ended up following the group that got off the bus with us – good move.

Barcelona Bus Turistic Tour Parc Guell Route
Walking up a hill to get to Parc Guell

We didn’t buy our tickets online and as a result, the next admission time was around 5pm. Yikes! There is however another section of the park that’s free to enter without a ticket so we thought we might as well do that since we were there.

Barcelona Parc Guell Promised Land
The Promised Land

We roamed around the common park grounds, saw lovely views of the city, took pictures, and then decided we had seen enough forest and it was time to continue our daytrip.

Parc Guell Barcelona View

Parc Guell Barcelona Forest
Right next to the Promised Land – I can almost feel it!

Before we left, we passed by Gaudi’s two-story house which was turned into a museum.

Barcelona Bus Turistic Tour Parc Guell Museum

Back on the bus.

Stop #4 – Tibidabo

Barcelona Bus Turistic dropped us off right at the Tramvia Blau, a survivor of the old Barcelona which takes you to Tibidabo Mountain.

You can opt for taking the bus to Tibidabo or taking this traditional Tramvia Blau; both will take you to the funicular station and from there, you take a funicular to the top of the mountain.

Barcelona Tibidabo Transport Blue Tram

We took the blue tram although it was jam-packed. It’s rather expensive (about 7 euros per person one-way), so if it’s too crowded I would suggest just taking the bus because you won’t really enjoy the “authenticity” of the experience.

The first thing you see once you reach the top of the mountain is the beautiful white Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor.

barcelona tibidabo monastery church

tibidabo church view
Spectacular view from the church

We then stood in long line to buy a ticket to go on the Ferris wheel at the Tibidabo Amusement Park facing the church. I’m scared of heights, terrified actually, but it’s on my bucket list and I promised T I’ll pull myself together.

barcelona tibidabo ferris wheel
Oh so high…

Once I saw the kids in the queue, I relaxed a little bit. Once I saw the view from the top, I forgot my fears and soaked in the spectacular views of Barcelona city.

barcelona tibidabo ferris wheel view
View from the top!

Back to the funicular, a short bus ride and we were back to the Barcelona Bus Turistic stop to continue the rest of the Blue Line Route.

Barcelona Tibidabo Transport Funicular Graffiti

Stop #5 – Switching Colours: Blue to Red

Once we reached the Francesc Macia stop, we switched to the Red Line Route of the Barcelona Bus Turistic tour. Instead of continuing towards Placa de Catalunya, we were off to Montjuic!

Stop #6 – Montjuic Castle

Walk through the gardens of Montjuic Hill to get to the majestic historic Castell de Montjuic at the top (or take the teleferique / cable car). Entrance to the castle was free (Sundays after 3pm).

Barcelona Montjuic Castle Tickets Admission

We roamed around the fortress grounds taking in the breathtaking 360 panoramic views of the sea, mountain, and city from all sides! What’s funny is that we saw our day’s trip before our very eyes – we could see Sagrada Familia towering over Barcelona city, the Ferris wheel and church at the top of Tibidabo Mountain, and even our upcoming stop at Port Vell.

Barcelona Montjuic Castle Grounds

Barcelona Montjuic Castle View

Barcelona Montjuic Castle View of City
The towering Sagrada Familia in the distance

Constructed around 400 years ago, Montjuic Castle was used as a prison until 1960 when the city took it over. There’s also a small museum inside the fortress which we passed through.

Barcelona Bus Turistic Stop Montjuic

Barcelona Montjuic Castle Museum Tour

We left the castle grounds hungry and set off in search of food.

Stop #7 – Dinner at Jai Ca

We went back on the Barcelona Bus Turistic tour and stopped at Port Vell. Jai Ca Restaurant was recommended to us by a friend and it was a close walking distance. We sampled a selection of seafood dishes, including a delectable Pulpo a la Gallega, a traditional Spanish Galician dish.

Barcelona Jai Ca Seafood Restaurant Gallega
Pulpo a la Gallega at Jai Ca

Stop #9 – The Barcelona Aquarium

After a satisfying dinner, we headed to the Aquarium which was only a 10 minute walk.

Barcelona Aquarium Dory Fish

A tunnel-like aquarium awaited us; we could see the fish swim right over our heads! Some interesting looking fish and sea creatures swam above us; oh, and sharks.

Barcelona Bus Turistic Tour Aquarium Tube

Barcelona Bus Turistic Tour Aquarium Sharks
Our new friends
Barcelona Aquarium Dory Souvenir
Another new friend to take home

Our Last Stop (#10) – Walking along the Marina…

… and ice cream. After meeting Vioko in Barcelona, I’ve discovered a newfound love for coconut ice cream and it’s resulted in revisiting this delightful ice cream shop more times than I care to admit. Late night cravings will be my downfall. I’ve been on a coconut ice cream hunt in Lebanon for a month now and counting! Why doesn’t anyone make coconut ice cream? I don’t want Bounty!

Vioko ice cream barcelona
Vioko: Seriously the best ice cream in Barcelona – Coconut + Chocolate

A stop at Eyescream and Friends was also on my to-do list (sorry, Vioko), but it wasn’t so great – serves me right for cheating!

Eyescream and Friends Barcelona Chocolate
Eyescream and Friends – Cute, but very bland tasting!

Here ends our journey. We took the night bus (yes, there’s a night bus!) back to our apartment, since Barcelona Bus Turistic tour stops at 8pm during the summer season.

Waiting for barcelona bus night



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