A Breakfast Down Memory Lane Beirut

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning in Beirut. What better way to start your weekend than to have a fulfilling tasty breakfast at Memory Lane? This chic-casual restaurant/pub recently opened in the heart of Mar Mikhael, Beirut and I can’t wait to share my firsthand experience with you!

We sat in the entrance for welcome drinks with the Zomato crew and foodies. I sipped on my fresh green smoothie and looked around. There were many trees complete with Christmas lights and ornaments for the holidays. The venue is quite large; a former sewing shop and carpentry shop re-designed and stylishly decorated. You can still find some old sewing and woodworking machines strategically placed in the open space.

Memory Lane Mar Mikhael Interior

When it was time for breakfast (or rather brunch), we were moved further inside (down Memory Lane).

As soon as you step into the main seating area, you are met with bookshelves where you can find many interesting reads. They’re also available for purchase at 20,000 LBP each.If you go behind the black curtains towards the restrooms, you will encounter a large tree over a bar, arcade games and a large black cage enclosing a private seating area for large groups.

Memory Lane Mar Mikhael Library

Memory Lane Breakfast Zomato

BREAKFAST at Memory Lane Beirut

We started our breakfast / brunch with a bread basket and some cuts of charcuterie.

Memory Lane Breakfast Charcuterie

Colourful plates then began to arrive, one after the other.

Kaak Sandwich Pockets: Halloumi / Labne / Zaatar

Memory Lane Mar Mikhael Halloum

They were all extremely tasty, but the Zaatar was my favourite – zaatar leaves in olive oil with sliced cherry tomatoes; the combination was heavenly.

Wild Zaatar Memory Lane Breakfast
Wild Thyme (My favourite!)

The Lebanese Platter: Grilled Halloumi / Labne / Zaatar Tomato Mix / Cucumbers / Black Olives

Memory Lane Lebanese Breakfast
The Lebanese Platter

We were then asked what we would like to have as our breakfast “Main”. My boyfriend and I decided to share a cheese omelet and scrambled eggs. I also ordered a café latte, because foam.

The scrambled eggs came with a grilled sausage cut in half and some salad garnish size with barely any dressing. It was good, but it could be much better and the scrambled eggs did not look too appetizing and were rather soggy. The salad could use some more dressing (and maybe some more lettuce!).

Memory Lane Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs

The cheese omelet was also good and also came with salad garnish.

Memory Lane Breakfast Omelet
Omelet du Fromage – Any Dexter fans?

I also tasted the Ham & Cheese Crepe my friend Cozy ordered; it was delicious and I definitely recommend it.

Memory Lane Beirut Breakfast Crepe
Ham & Cheese Crepe

After we finished with the savoury items, it was time for the breakfast “desserts”:

Memory Lane Chocolate crepe
Crepe filled with Nutella & Bananas
Memory Lane Nutella crepe
Crepe filled with Nutella & Strawberries (I liked this one)

I love their crepe dough; it is somewhat sweet, but not overwhelming with a “caramelized” brown crispy finish.

The Fruit Salad was a lovely glass bowl filled with fresh julienned fruits, garnished with granola and served with plain yogurt and honey. I personally enjoyed it without adding the yogurt and honey.

Memory Lane Beirut Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad with Yogurt & Honey – How sweet is that honey pot?

French patisserie from “etc.” was then presented. The Mille Feuille was our table’s favourite (and the most beautiful). The pastries were obviously made using high quality ingredients and the designs were unconventional and artistic.

Memory Lane Patisserie ETC

Memory Lane Breakfast (18)
Mille Feuille

Final verdict?

I am definitely coming back to Memory Lane Beirut for the crepes and Lebanese items (Zaatar kaak pockets!!). Even though the patisserie was good, my heart (and stomach) belongs to Biscuit Patisserie & Bakery.

The breakfast menu items are all individually priced at 14,000 LBP. The patisserie are priced separately and subject to availability.

Thank you Zomato for organizing this awesome breakfast meet-up and as usual, for keeping us updated on the latest trending food spots in Lebanon!

And that would be me acting silly.
Yes, that is indeed a trolley chair.

Memory Lane Beirut

Address: Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut

Contact: +961-1-562808 / +961-1-562807

For opening hours, check out their page on Memory Lane Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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